Welcome to the new official Darkest Dungeon Website!

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We’ve been working for the past month to update our official website to make create a better home for our game, physical products, and, most importantly, our community. So without further ado:

Welcome to the new official Darkest Dungeon Website!

We are lucky to have a such an active and communicative community, and by creating a better home on our own ground, we’re aiming to foster more discussion, feature community creations, and better archive the history of Darkest Dungeon.

The original Darkest Dungeon website was made when we launched our Kickstarter (Big thanks to Sean Green!). Our needs have changed over the lifespan of Darkest Dungeon and this new site should better help facilitate the needs of our community now as we move towards our third DLC and ultimately towards our second game (yes.)!

We hope you take some time to browse the various pages – check our growing inventory of merch, the Darkest Dungeon Comic series, see some highlighted fan art (more to come on a weekly basis!), and of course, create a forum account and share your pain and triumphs with the Darkest Dungeon community.

We hope you enjoy the new website! And a big thanks to William and the entire team at Converged Developments for the new site!

-The Red Hook Team