Update on Today’s Update!

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This afternoon (Friday, September 30) we deployed a patch (v1.04) on PS4 and PS Vita to address a number of crashes. The good news is that the patch appears to be solving approximately 85-95% of crashes! This is based upon automated crash log collection that PSN provides.

However, in our haste to get the patch out, we accidentally included the Musketeer class files for the PS4 , which was a mistake on our part. The Musketeer class is a Kickstarter reward that was granted only to those backers who supported us at the “Adventurer” tier or higher. It is an aesthetic re-skin of the Arbalest class, and does not differ in terms of gameplay from the Arbalest herself.

We offer our sincerest apologies to those of you who are Adventurer-tier backers, and in our next patch (sometime next week), we will be removing Musketeers from the Stagecoach rotation again, as intended.

In the meantime… those on PlayStation can enjoy those Musketeers while you can! They will become extinct again shortly. Though be warned if you transfer your save with a Musketeer to the PSVITA, it will disappear on the on the VITA.

Things on the agenda for our next patch: additional crash fixes, including the Camping/Quest End soft lock, and Hag-related crashes once we diagnose them. We are also hard at work looking at controls improvements, such as for the Embark screen (where it’s easy to accidentally start a quest you didn’t mean to) and for Vita rear-touch accidental inputs.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience, and for helping make Darkest Dungeon a success.

Red Hook Studios