The Color of Madness Console Release and Updates!

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Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness releases on Switch, XBOX One, and iPad October 11th for $4.99 USD! Along with the release of the The Color of Madness, The Musketeer DLC will be released for FREE to the above platforms as well as the large game balance patch that has been live for the PC version of the game since June.

The Color of Madness storefront pages will go live on Thursday September 27th on both Switch and XBOX One, so please help spread the word to friends and fans alike!

Ancestral Edition Digital Bundles

With the release of the new DLCs we wanted to update the Digital Ancestral Bundles on the console marketplaces. To do this we had to take down the old bundle and put up a new bundle with all the DLCs included.

That said, if you purchased the digital bundle BEFORE the 11th, you will still need to purchase The Color of Madness separately. AFTER the 11th, the digital Bundle will include all currently available Darkest Dungeon content for $39.99 USD.


Physical Ancestral Edition Switch Owners

For those who purchased a physical copy of Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition published by Merge Games, you will be getting The Color of Madness for free! This means that physical Ancestral Edition owners will be getting The Color of Madness, The Musketeer, and the game balance update as a single large patch, since there will not be an eShop storefront needed.

Since we had to submit a separate build to Nintendo for the physical edition to contain all the DLC and updates without the need for a store, this has resulted in a slight delay on its approval. It’s in the certification process right now, and we hope it clears soon so that we can release it with the rest on October 11th, but there is still a slim chance it may take a bit longer.


But wait, there’s more!


The Ancestor takes to the field of strife!

The Ancestor DOTA 2 Announcer Pack will be released for sale on October 2nd for $9.99. Yes that’s right, it’s finally happening! Wayne June has recorded a whomping 715 lines to bring The Ancestor’s narration to the aeon’s long strife of DOTA 2. We even worked with Valve to get new announcer triggers for some lines enabling The Ancestor to continue in his chiding ways. We hope players enjoy the pack as we have been excited to work on it since it was initially proposed years ago.

Please help spread the word!


As always we invite you to join our official discord channel and chat with fellow members of the Darkest Dungeon community!


Hey wait a minute, when will the DLC release for PS4 and VITA owners!?

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA owners, don’t fret! The build is close behind, but we have not cleared certification so we cannot confirm the release date for this platform yet! But rest assured we are working to get the release out as soon as possible!


Will there be a sale on Darkest Dungeon at release?

Yes! On Switch, All Darkest Dungeon products, EXCEPT for The Color of Madness, will be on sale for 2 weeks starting on the 11th. That includes The Ancestral Edition bundle so you can get everything for a nice $29.99 USD (That’s $10 cheaper than normal!)


I own the Physical Ancestral Edition on PS4, will I also get The Color of Madness DLC for free?

We run different promotions for different platforms at different times, and this offer is valid on the physical Ancestral Edition on Switch only.


Comments 36

  1. Hi, i think it’s not fair if the digital owner of DD on Switch still have to buy the new DLC for $4.99 and the physical owner get it for free, because the price is more expensive on the digital version. Hopefully you can change the condition either free for digital version owner or the physical version owner have to buy the new DLC for $4.99. Thanks.

    1. When the physical copy came out in April, it was $40. If you bought the digital version at $35, adding the new content, your price turns out to be $40 dollars as well. I’m not sure what the gripe is if you both are paying the same amount? Are you upset that the physical copy is cheaper now than the digital and those people are getting it for “free” now? That’s not really Red Hook’s fault. If you are buying the digital version of games, you’re paying for convenience. The practice of psychical games going on sale long after launch has always been known. Not sure why digital buys get upset when these things happen.

      1. Digital buyers get upset because we bought the ancestral bundle which should include all the DLC, new or old. Hopefully Red Hook change the policy.

        1. Dude, if you get so worked up over $5 to an indie studio, when they are not even ripping you off – you need a job or you can’t afford to play games.

      2. Sorry but this is wrong !
        I bought it on launch day at 30.99€ and you can find it (from the launch day in physical version) with a lower price.

        Here an example of lower price for physical version :

        It’s just a double punition, first one, we didn’t have any information at launch day about a physical date release (that why I bought a digital version instead of physical. And I always buy physical if it possible !). The physical release was sold in a lot of market with a lower price. And now we have to buy the DLC … Whoaw, nice marketing for first day customers …

        Just very disapointed, I was so happy to see that was today the release (to buy it actually), but after read that, I don’t want anymore to purchase it and I will wait to find in occasion a physical version sold – 4.99€ … (And it’s not about having to purchase at 4.99€ but just about the political “racism version” …).

        I’m just disgusted…

  2. Hi i was wondering what was going to to happen with the musketeer on ps4?

    I own the digital version on the sony console.


  3. Let’s see if I understand, I supported you buying the Ancestral edition on day one for switch and I will have to pay for the new DLC while who buys it on day 11 for 10$ less will have it free, thank you very much guys…..

  4. What the actual fuck

    We buy the ancestral digital version to get the DLCs, and we don’t get the new dlc. We have to pay for it. Absolutey shit move.

    Honestly unacceptable.




  5. Wow…that’s crap that digital purchasers of the ancestral bundle get screwed and the physical purchasers get the color of madness for free.! First time I have heard digital purchasers get screwed. Why don’t you do like Minecraft and remove the old digital bundle and give every digital Ancestral buyer the new version for free?
    This really shows to not buy any digital versions.

  6. Hi,

    As a switch owner of the digital release of the Ancestral Edition I just wanted to highlight what a scummy move this is. I won’t be giving you 5.99 and I won’t be buying any more RedHook games.

    I understand content costs Money but with the drop in price and the gift to physical owners and not digital owners (who are arguably worth more given the cost of carts) is a complete slap in the face to one side of the community.

    I’m sure one lost sale will not break any hearts. I only hope other digital owners, like myself, vote with their wallet too.


    An Ex Customer


  7. Thanks for penalizing people who supported the physical release by buying the digital version beforehand. The rest of the actually good developers have gotten on the free update dlc bandwagon. At least the ones who haven’t aren’t just giving theirs away for free to certain platforms.

  8. “With the release of the new DLCs we wanted to update the Digital Ancestral Bundles on the console marketplaces. To do this we had to take down the old bundle and put up a new bundle with all the DLCs included.”

    What does that mean? Does that mean that the Ancestral Edition that I purchased on the Switch eshop will disappear (so if I open the eshop page from the + menu of my installed version, it will give me an error), and a new entry will appear?

    Also, does this balance patch fix the bug in Crimson Court that corrupted my save file?

  9. I’m not really all that upset about paying for the DLC, despite being an owner of the ancestral edition on my switch. But I do think it’s kind of unfair for digital buyers to have to pay for it and physical buyers to get it for free. You worked hard to make new content for the game then everyone should have to pay for it. If you want to reward those who bought the ancestral edition by handing it out for free then they should ALL get it for free. Otherwise it comes off like many people in the comments are receiving it. I love this game and fully wish to support the company but this… rubs the wrong way you know?

  10. I think it is pretty crappy as well. The physical bundle costs more to produce than the digital bundle. Also, the physical bundle can be resold when not wanted anymore. The bottom line is that both the physical and digital versions are called “the ancestral bundle”. It is absolutely ridiculous that they are charging the digital version customers more when the physical copy costs more to produce. Thanks REDHOOK. Way to bend over your customers…..

  11. Dude, if you get so worked up over $5 to an indie studio, when they are not even ripping you off – you need a job or you can’t afford to play games.

  12. Dear Red Hook,

    I feel very disrespected. I have bought Darkest dungeon and the dlc multiple times. I fell in love with this masterpiece you have created when I originally bought it on PC, but when I heard it was coming to the Nintendo Swith, I preordered the ancestral edition on the Nintendo eshop as soon as I could in excitement to be able to play one of my all time favorite games on the go.

    I purchased the ancestral edition on the Nintendo switch because all DLC was included in preparation in case color of madness was ported. However, now to be told that I will have to buy the Color of madness DLC separately and even worse NEW buyers of the ancestral edition will have the dlc included for a cheaper price than what I paid, well that is just a real slap in the face.

    I can only hope that Nintendo offers previous buyers a free update to the “New” Ancestral Edition, and take a lose out of respect for its customers. It is honestly very disheartening to see a personal favourite developer of mine do this to its customers.

  13. I wouldn’t mind paying if it was a paid DLC across the board. But as some get it free while others have to pay I think that’s a bad move

  14. it was said SOON for the PS4! Two weeks from 27th of SEP is the end of SOON!

    WHEN is the patch going out and CoM cause I feel like life ebbs and terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves!

  15. The Color Of Madness and the Musketeer DLC have been released on the Xbox store. However, unless it’s just an issue for me, there is yet to be a downloadable patch. Will it be out at a later time?

  16. 18th Sept i finally got round to picking up the digital edition Ancestral Edition for Xbox One because as far as i am aware a physical edition doesn’t exist. Now i find out that i am going to have to pay another £4 to grab the DLC that is part of the Ancestral Edition that i would have gotten if i had just waited.

    Not only that but as its now on deal i would be saving myself around £12.

    If your going to take down the Ancestral Edition and replace with a package called the Ancestral Edition make sure people who already own it, digital or not get the content, its a pretty poor move.

  17. Awfull policy!!! I’m not buying anything more from this company!!

    We already bought the Andestral bundle and it supposed to include all DLCs. This is madness

    So disappointed!!!

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