The Butcher’s Circus Season 2 Starts Tomorrow!

redhookjohn News

Tomorrow, August 7th, we will be rolling out Season 2 for The Butcher’s Circus!

We will be entering maintenance mode tomorrow morning at 8 AM PST and will be down for roughly 4 hours as we do the season roll over. During that time you will be unable to play The Circus. The core game should function normally.

The Season roll-over will cause ladder rank decay for all players but should not decay your Prestige level at all. If you were elevated on the ladder, you will keep some of that progress but not all. The rank decay is fairly standard–it’s an encouragement to get in the ring and compete each time a new Season starts.

We are also introducing unique Banner Rewards earned through Season participation in the Ladder. As you rank up you will unlock more components of the Season’s prestige banner.

MacOS, Linux, Offline Bots, and Direct Challenge improvements are ready for testing internally and while they won’t be with tomorrow’s update, you can expect these features in the next week or so.