Steam Workshop Release

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Today marks the release of Steam Workshop support for Darkest Dungeon! We’ve always wanted to support mods for Darkest Dungeon, and going back to the Kickstarter, we listed it as a stretch goal. Though at the time we didn’t reach that level of funding, due to our success through Early Access, we decided to fully incorporate STEAM Workshop after release. Today marks the beginning of that support, and we cannot be more excited to see what our players come up with!

To celebrate this event we are on sale this weekend on Steam! Have you been waiting for Workshop Support? Well now you can grab the game for cheap and check out what the modding community has already cooked up in the Workshop Library! There are already a handful of cool and interesting class mods, as well as small and large system overhauls for the game such as Pitch Black Dungeon by MaesterSilvio, which is not unlike what The Long War is for X-Com 2.

We will be hosting a Community Stream this Friday to showcase some of the mods listed on Workshop as well as answer questions from the community about the game and modding. Tune in to tomorrow at 2pm PST!

Are you interested in making mods for Darkest Dungeon? Check out the Darkest Dungeon Workshop Group on STEAM and the modding guide here! Back while we were testing out the Workshop integration we created a group for modders to send us feedback as well as discuss and share their expertise. We plan on using this group as the home for future workshop feature requests as well as discussing things with our modding community.

Finally, while mods are exciting please understand that we must put a disclaimer up as well:

Red Hook Studios cannot be responsible for any damage to save games caused by subscribing to mods. We recommend backing up your saves first. Here are instructions how to do so. We also encourage mod creators to test your mods thoroughly before making them available to the public.

The Darkest Dungeon world is about to get a little bit bigger! We can’t wait to see more of your creations.

Delve deep,

Red Hook Studios