Radiant Update – The Squiffy Ghast

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In our previous post on the Radiant Update we introduced the Bone Bearer, a new champion level monster waiting to be found in the ruins. We are continuing the introductions today with the the new champion monster that is coming to the Cove.

Today we bring you the first look at the Squiffy Ghast.

When the moon waxes terrible, aethereal harmonies cascade through the hollow grottos of the Cove, haunting the dreams of Hamlet dwellers with visions of mossy crevices and the unspeakable horrors of the sea.  In the comfort of full candles, mariners tell of briny corpses taking up a barnacled bow to draw out faded memories of revelry long past.  There is only madness in the melody of those rime-encrusted notes.  To dance to the tune of the tottering Squiffy Ghast is to quicken the heart to bursting, and forsake attachment to the wholesome, surface-dwelling life.  What fate then, for those hapless heroes whose ill-charted course leads them to dance forever in the aphotic shadows?

Everything is looking good for our slated release in early February. We still plan on having a short public-beta period before rolling it out to all our players, so stay tuned for details next week!

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