Radiant Update – Community Survey and the Swine Skiver

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It’s February! The Radiant Update is shaping up quite nicely and it’s time to introduce the final champion monster: The Swine Skiver

The porcine horrors of the Warrens delight in the manic cruelty of the hunt.
There is no finer sport to the Pig-Men than the pursuit of screaming victims through the labyrinthine squalor of the Warrens.  Although their blood lust is insatiable, they are not overly fond of drawn out chases. Thus Skivers have been bred and trained as expert javelineers.  Even the swiftest runner  cannot outpace a hurled missile!  Then, slow, potent, paralytic toxins do the rest of the work, reducing the pursued prey to a crawling, twitching wretch – screaming for mercy that will never come!

Party Names

Everyone knows about the “Usual Suspects” or the “Red Hook” party combo, but not everyone knows that all those names came from our Kickstarter Backers. At the time we did the original survey, the Houndmaster, Arbalest, Man-at-Arms, Abomination, and Antiquarian were not in the game yet, and as such they have zero unique party names. Let’s fix that! Do you want your Grave Robber, Vestal, Man-at-Arms, Hellion party to be called “Charlie’s Angels”? Now’s your chance!

Please follow this link and use fill out the form. Be sure to submit your best because we will go through and select the ones we like the most to include in the game.

Note: we are only accepting 1 response per user, and to do that it requires you have a valid Google email account.

Note 2: Party names are subject to editing by our team.  Not all submissions will make it into the game.

Public Beta

We are aiming to have the Radiant Update hit our “coming_in_hot” public beta branch on STEAM early next week. This will give interested players the ability to check out the changes we’ve implemented, including the new champion monsters like the Skiver. This is also a great opportunity for you to help us find any issues or bugs we may have missed, as well as voice feedback on the changes. We value this time as it helps us polish and tweak the design to make sure our own design expectations are being met and insuring a better play experience for everyone.

Check in next week for more specific details on when the beta will be made live, as well as a list of changes to look out for.

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