PSN DLC European Release Update

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Greetings Hamlet Dwellers!

The new European release date Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness and The Musketeer DLCs is now December 6th.

As many of you know the European release of The Color of Madness and Musketeer has been delayed. In our last post, we updated it to state that the NEW release date was set to November 22nd. That was eight days ago and still, much to our collective dismay, the DLCs are not out.

Today we finally got clarification from SIEE (Sony Europe) as to what the problem was and an update as to when to expect the release for Europe.

The delay was caused to due to a configuration error that wasn’t caught until the previous release date, November 22nd. The error was resolved via emails last week, but it wasn’t made clear that it meant that the release had to be pushed back, yet again. It was only after talking to them today, that they explained that due to that error the release had to be rescheduled in accordance with standard procedure and that the DLC is now correctly set up and slated for the December 6th.

We apologize for the delay and lack of information, but we ourselves have been waiting for word and just TODAY received it.

On a related note, Physical Ancestral Edition PS4 owners have been having some issues, one being the base game patch not being released for them and the DLC not being redeemable. Both of those issues are getting resolved and should be fixed hopefully around the same time as the 6th, but we will have more information on that as it gets locked in.