Darkest Dungeon II - Hero Paths: The Grave Robber

Apr 22, 2022

The Grave Robber. 
"Agile, graceful, and singularly surreptitious."

Deadeye or Nightsworn?

The Deadeye Path hones in on Grave Robber’s keen eyes to enhance her ranged precision. This allows her to keep her distance while still effectively taking down enemies, but it comes at a great cost to her melee damage and resistances.

If you enjoy running a Grave Robber’s ranged kit, then this is the Path for you.  While the damage penalty to Melee skills is severe, the ranged bonus enhances many of her options.  The Path’s CRIT bonus, coupled with the Combo bonus on skills like Thrown Dagger+, can put the Grave Robber close to a 100% CRIT rate!

The extra ranged damage makes Pirouette an excellent opener, makes Thrown Dagger+ CRITs all the more crushing, and makes it easier for Glint in the Dark to score kills that bypass Death’s Door.

Did You Know: Her relationship joint/retaliation attacks are considered melee, so they are also subject to this Path’s penalty.

With Lunge’s efficacy reduced, the Grave Robber will be doing less intentional rank dancing of her own but the Deadeye Path leaves her susceptible to being moved by enemy skills.  Fortunately, Pirouette can quickly get her back to a proper Ranged strike position.

The Raven’s Reach line of Trinkets are obvious picks for supporting the Grave Robber’s ranged damage output, while the Heartseeker line can close what little gap there is to the 100% CRIT mark on her Combo hits.  The Foreclosure Notice can then use that high CRIT rate to grant bonus turns.  

Alternatively, Trinkets like the Sneaker’s Standard or Covert Cloak can grant the Grave Robber bonus Stealth, further enhancing her Glint in the Dark and Thrown Dagger skills or enabling fast access to Repartee.

With The Nightsworn path, the Grave Robber disappears into the shadows until the opportune moment. Her stealthiness increases her Lunge and Pirouette damage, allowing her to quickly strike down unsuspecting enemies. Additionally, concealment allows her to still avoid damage despite her Max HP being reduced.

The Nightsworn Path is for Grave Robbers who love to dance between the ranks, retreating with a Pirouette or Shadow Fade before punching forward again with a powerful Lunge.  

While all of her skills gain bonus damage under Stealth – making skills with inherent Stealth bonuses such as Thrown Dagger or Glint in the Dark even better – both Pirouette and Lunge gain significant additional damage bonuses of their own.  With the buffs stacked, these two skills gain a crushing +100% damage!

However, the significant HP penalty can make it dangerous for the Grave Robber to operate near the front ranks.  If you have nobody to cover her or aren’t comfortable putting her at that risk, a Nightsworn Grave Robber can still remain in the back rows and focus on the Stealth damage bonus alone.

It’s also difficult for Pirouette to gain the Stealth damage bonus without Trinket assistance, as Shadow Fade moves her too far back to use it.  You can try pairing her with a Jester, whose Battle Ballad can move her back to Pirouette position after Shadow Fade while also granting a Strength Token for a total +150% damage bonus!

Did You Know: From Stealth, Glint in the Dark can kill monsters with Death’s Door before they even reach 0 HP.  It is currently the only skill in the game capable of doing so.

With the Grave Robber’s damage bonuses affecting both melee and ranged alike, the Sharpness Charm Trinkets can be good picks for an all around boost.  If you’re staying back and relying on the Stealth bonus alone to fuel your damage, then the Raven’s Reach Trinkets are slightly better options.

However, with so many damage bonuses involved in the Path already, you can really get away with doing other things for her Trinkets.  If you use Pirouette often, Trinkets that apply bonus negative effects such as the Disarming Dagger can assist the rest of the party.  The Sneaker’s Standard or His Rings can help net the Stealth bonus without expending a turn.  The Foreclosure Notice is a solid pick if your Grave Robber is paired with a Hero that can set her up for Combo hits.

For the cautious, the Hag’s Hoard will almost entirely offset the HP penalty.

Community Impression

The community’s preferred path was split between Twitter and Discord. On Twitter, it was a close call with Deadeye at 55.5% votes and 44.5% for Nightsworn. On Discord however, Nightsworn won by a landslide with 147 votes versus 67 votes for Deadeye.

Nightsworn is very fun with a mobile party. Using grave robber with highwayman to have the revolving door style constant high-damage output just feel so good (as long as you have someone protecting her). Probably my best run to date was carried by constant 40+ damage lunge crits. - @crowboyo

Love nightsworn for the fun more than anything. Built with a team that can run things from any position and suddenly no matter the shuffle you're dealing heavy damage and feeling free  - @Britishbrat

Nightsworn Graverobber with the Dreaming General Trophy that locks everyone into place is so much fun..  - @AcidSeth

I think both paths are really good, but deadeye is easier to use. The game doesn't have many dedicated backline heroes so deadeye helps with that. Nightsworn also requires hero shrine unlocks which means it doesn't do much for you until you play GR a lot. Otherwise both are good and fun to use. - ShuffleFM

I personally find Nightsworn to be a little awkward, and not at the fault of the stats itself mostly; Lunge and Pirouette are already fun to use (other than 4 damage Lunges) and this build encourages their use, which also lets players build around the rank 4/2 Grave Robber who will be pushing at least two other heroes into new positions…
Deadeye is what makes me think of DD1. Crit, Damage, big bold numbers make me happy. It's very simple, it's very effective, and with Glint in the Dark it's also not awkward for her when she's forced to rank 1 or has to target a rank 1 enemy. I actually feel like Deadeye is just a natural buff to her normal playstyle, although for people who like to use Lunge and Pick to the Face, it is not for them. I personally don't mind the melee nerf, it makes hardly a difference to me. - Koffee

Deadeye encourages range attack with bonus dmg and crit in exchange of melee dmg. Surely adorable paths bc 5% crit up is surely good.
Nightsworn paths sacrifice her health and get her dmg buff when stealthed or lunge, pirouette.
Unlike soloist, warlock and alchemist, GR can survive well with absinthe, eating tombstone or shadow fade. This can help her survivality.
Currently, deadeye is more attractive than nightsworn.  - Karyuen

Nightsworn OOZES style and that's the sole reason it gets my vote.
But I think Deadeye is generally more consistent because GR lacks consistent stealth abuse. - Chibi

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