Darkest Dungeon II - The Binding Blade - Base Game Retail Release

Dec 11, 2023

Welcome to The Binding Blade, the very first DLC for Darkest Dungeon II. This DLC contains 2 new heroes (Duelist and Crusader) and a special unlock quest, as well as a wandering mini-boss: The Warlord.

Both new heroes are complete with unique trinkets, signature items, and fully voiced backstories including playable flashback encounters. We are incredibly excited for everyone to enjoy a brand new hero to The Darkest Dungeon series: the Duelist. She is a versatile, intricate character who can run with many different team comps and be used in either an aggressive or defensive manner thanks to her signature “stances” mechanic. The Crusader is also making his triumphant return. The community's enduring love for this character was the major factor in us choosing to bring him back. We wanted to go the extra mile with this one, so we created a unique in-game experience to help celebrate his appearance. Be warned, both characters’ backstories tug at the heartstrings…

You can purchase The Binding Blade on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Of course, along with the DLC, we are also introducing some free additions to the base game. In your journey to the Mountain, you will encounter new military barricades - remnants of an invading military faction. We’ve also included a handful of community-requested quality of life improvements, as well as long requested additions, such as the ability to save and restore favorite party and hero loadouts at the Crossroads.

Our entire studio is set up to create even more content for Darkest Dungeon II in 2024! You can look forward to hero tuning, path updates, mod support, and some very exciting surprises - more info to follow in a future update!

We hope you enjoy this latest update. Thank you sincerely for your support.

Build number: 1.03.57744


  • Added new military barricade route encounters

  • Added party and hero loadout saving at the crossroads

  • Added the ability to remove positive quirks at the Hospital

  • Added rank highlight to indicate which monster is guarding the selected target

  • Added achievement List to the profile summary UI

  • Updated icons seen in the Travelogue for certain deliverable items

  • Added New Crossroads UI

  • Updated Stagecoach UI and repositioned the equipment slots and move Pet naming to it

  • Added “Warrior of Light” quirk, to assist with canon Reynauld creation


  • Updated description of Daze token to better reflect that it interacts with actions, not just turns

  • Fixed an issue where extra actions were incorrectly counting towards cooldown values



  • Take Aim+ no longer grants a Speed token


  • Crush DMG reduced from 4-7 to 4-6

  • Crush+ DMG reduced from 6-8 to 5-7

  • Rampart DMG reduced from 3-6 to 3-5

  • Rampart+ DMG reduced from 4-7 to 4-6

  • Retribution cooldown increased to 2

  • Retribution+ no longer grants Block

  • Riposte DMG reduced from 4-6 to 3-5

  • Bolster no longer removes Vulnerable from the target

  • Bolster+ no longer removes Weak and Vulnerable from the target


  • Updated tooltip on Binding Shadows and Binding Shadows+ to properly represent the duration of the debuff being applied


  • Collector: Now only has a chance to spawn once per region. Collected Heads now only spawn with an Extra Action in the first round

  • Ravenous Reach: Setback now ignores Stealth

  • Focused Fault: Fixed Behold skill logic occasionally leading to skipped turns


  • When items are gained in combat, they will now appear in the post-combat rewards screen

  • Increased chance for unique Sluice items to appear from their respective enemies from 10% to 20%

  • Fixed issue allowing obtaining multiple copies of Signature Inn Items when they should be unique

  • Unnatural Pigment combat item no longer consumes Crit tokens

  • Fixed Tinned Delicacies loot to allow bonus loot with other items such as the Icebox

  • Staggering Striker: Chance to apply Combo increased from 33% to 66%

  • Crimson Tick: Fixed item description that incorrectly stated the chance at 5% when it's actually 8%

  • Inert Indicia: Updated tooltip description for better clarity and now also provides Regen when hit while Dazed

  • Orbitoclast: Fixed tooltip to say that ALL negative quirks are removed

  • Smoldering Firewood: Changed Burn 2 condition from Illumination Skills to Ranged Skills

  • Footman's Grog: Effects now apply to each hero rather than just the hero equipping it

  • A Glimmer of Hope: Added Flammable tag

  • Foreclosure Notice: Chance to apply combo while in Rank 4 increased from 33% to 50%. Healing Received debuff while not in Stealth reduced from -75% to -25%. Now adds 2 Stealth tokens instead of 1 for the Flashing Daggers skill effect

  • Faceless Visage: Enemy Shuffle on Combat Start changed to Round Start

  • Unwavering Standard: Chance to apply Block for each ally increased from 33% to 66%

  • Silent Treatment: Chance to gain 1 Stealth token (66%) on round start changed to chance to gain 1 Stealth token (50%) or 2 Stealth tokens (20%)

  • Murder Weapon: Chance to Instant Kill on Crit increased from 15% to 20%.

  • Death's Head: variant that adds Strength, Block Plus, and -2 Stress now also has Remove All Weak tokens upon entering Death's Door

  • Inevitable End: Removed speed condition for removing negative tokens when hit and now removes all Weak tokens instead of 1 Weak token and 1 Vulnerable token

  • Burn Salve: Changed Heal 10% to Heal 5

  • Bandages: Changed Heal 10% to Heal 5

  • Antivenom: Changed Heal 10% to Heal 5

  • Mineral Rich Spring Water: Changed Heal 10% to Heal 5

  • Healing Salve: Changed Heal 33% to Heal 12

  • Adrenaline Tonic: Changed Heal 50% to Heal 18

  • Triage Kit: Changed Heal 75% to Heal 27

  • Stitching Kit: Heal increased from 20% to 50%


  • Refresh all party together after bounty hunter leaves and replaced party actor returns at inn to fix other swapping actors when going to the inn

  • Fixed an issue where DoT tooltip persists from previous fights

  • Move item description to on screen pop so it can handle updating discounts mid inn from trophies

  • Fixed an issue where the hero positions when embarking to the Foetor were reversed

  • Updated locked items on stagecoach slots to no longer darken

  • We now show appropriate source ID on pop text when the token/effect is from a path

  • We now refresh stats on path change so character sheet health is accurate when changing to a path that changes health

  • Fixed an issue where the rim light effect would get stuck on the Vestal

  • Tooltips now update control prompts to reflect change in input device

  • Removed duplicate Candles of Hope display item title

  • Fixed a missing glyph in Map Tutorial

  • Fixed a visual bug with actout speech bubble

  • Fixed a softlock that could occur from clicking too quickly on the loot all button

  • Fixed the Academic view to now show upgraded version skills and other modifiers like from relationships

  • Fixed an issue where clicking a combat item over no target was treated as clicking on a random target

  • Fixed an issue where Inn items use UI can somehow get an out of range index

  • Fixed an issue where item selection doesn't cancel cleanly after inn item blocks

  • Fixed a case where a bug prevented conditions from stacking together after certain Inn Items

  • Fixed a crash issue with controller dpad input during combat

  • Inn quest deliverables now get their own loot window

  • Fixed an occurrence where the overencumbered popup appeared in combat

  • Unlocking a hero palette now shows what palette is unlocked

  • Fixed an issue where loading back into a game that was left in the valley would then spawn the user ahead of the crossroads, resulting in a run with no party

  • Fixed an issue where a dot trigger would be missed/not fire when removing death armor

  • Updated loot toasts in combat to get added to loot window instead of player inventory

  • Fixed an issue with "onward" loot button where clicking close would trigger it twice

  • Fix to collector highwayman head's bleed skill not getting crit bonus duration

  • Fix to inn bark balloons not showing up on replacement actors

  • Fixed an issue where heroes with memories would retain completed run goals when ending your expeditions at the Inn

  • Fixed a rare issue where where instead of replacing a hero upon Inn arrival you hire the Bounty Hunter causing weird behavior on the subsequent Inn when the Bounty Hunter leaves the party

  • Fixed an issue where trinket possession limit rules wouldn't check the trinkets of heroes temporary replaced by the Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed an issue where a dead hero's trinkets would not be used for trinket possession limit rules

  • Fixed screen flicker when opening the character sheet via right click

  • Fixed an exploit where you could recruit 5 heroes via the Bounty Hunter poster

  • Fixed Hero Goal description for landing the killing blow on the lair boss in the Sprawl

  • FLAGELLANT will no longer become jealous when others are healed or cured of DOTs. However, FLAGELLANT will no longer gain affinity with heroes that heal him or cure him of DOTS. FLAGELLANT WANTS TO SUFFER!


Regarding the new in-game Achievement tracker- You may notice that your Steam/EGS achievements don't match your profile achievements. This is because we have changed how we track achievements in-game. Many of the run based achievements (i.e. Mastering Heroes, defeating x amount of lair bosses in a run) were not permanently stored on the game profile on our previous system. We only tracked them long enough for you to get that achievement on Steam or EGS. These items are now being permanently tracked on your game profile. You can complete them again to gain those achievements in-game. Also, any new profiles that are created under this new system won't have this issue.