Darkest Dungeon II - Post Release Update

Nov 4, 2021

Greetings Proteges,

Update 0.10.29156 is now live!

This update contains a wagonload of bug fixes, polish, and other refinements. Many of these are things that the team completed during the lead-up to launch, when our own internal launch build was locked to prevent last minute gremlins from sneaking in and wreaking havoc.

In the days following the launch, we’ve also undertaken an early-response tuning pass based upon data analysis, feedback from the community, and what we’ve observed on streams. These balance changes are in this update. Ordinarily, we’d let balance changes live in the Experimental branch so we could solicit feedback and gauge response. However, in this case we’ve decided to deploy both to Live / Experimental at the same time. This update contains new save/profile work that we want to make consistent between the branches - we don't currently handle downgrading if people switch between the two. (But we are planning to add support for that.)

Because of this we need to roll this build out to both branches at the same time, and consequently, we won't have the opportunity to let people 'test the waters'. Going forward, however, we’ll return to our standard practice that we adopted back during DD1 Early Access, and let balance and tuning changes live in the Experimental branch for a period of time before going to Live. Rest assured we’ll be monitoring and collecting data based upon how it all goes.

As a whole, this patch begins to address some balance issues that were immediately noticeable upon launch. (There is no substitute for having more than 100,000 people suddenly hammering on the game within the first two days!) Affinity changes and relationship act-outs will be far less frequent, but much punchier in their effects. We’ve also dramatically scaled back the most illogical, and let’s face it--annoying--of the behaviors. (We’re looking at you, kill stealing.) Although the game is hard already for most players, there are some specific strategies that are overly-exploitable, so we’ve adjusted several hero skills as a result. We’ve also fixed some behavior bugs with the Denial boss, and made that one harder in general, which better reflects the design intent. Quite a few other changes have been made as well--see the full patch notes for details.

Please keep in mind that we were limited in how much we could address in only a few days--this is just one step. You should expect further changes, too. We remain fanatical about improving the game as time goes on. Early Access is a time to explore, experiment, and refine. This can be quite a lot of fun for many players, but if you are the type that would rather wait until the product is 100% completed, we certainly encourage you to do that--the Mountain will be waiting for you when you are ready to embark upon your expedition.

As always, we will be reviewing logs & feedback to inform our balancing decisions moving forward - we encourage you to share your thoughts with us on our official Discord. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

The Road Ahead

Our next significant update is planned for December. (Date TBD) That update will have some neat additions that we are excited to share with you soon. Then, our team will get a much needed break for the holidays, before driving on to an exciting 2022 for the game!

Until then, keep the Flame lit!

--Red Hook Studios