Darkest Dungeon II: Obsession's Gaze

Nov 8, 2022

New Confession: Obsession

Retail Update - 0.17.40265

A new Confession has been added, and with it, Ordainment modifiers, a new Mountain Boss and associated narrative content.

Hero Goals

  • Each hero, when generated at the Crossroads, will have a personal goal.

  • If you complete a hero’s goal, it awards candles at expedition end in value shown on the goal. The more difficult the goal, the better the candle reward.

  • Candles gained from completing hero goals are kept even when the expedition is failed mid-region or abandoned!

  • Initially, all of your heroes will generate very easy (“tutorial”) goals. As you complete goals, This will open up the standard pool of easy, medium, and hard goals.

  • Goals persist for that expedition only. When a new expedition is started, new goals are generated.

  • Tip: hero goals are very useful for farming candles

Region Variations

  • Each region has been updated with enhanced visuals and a distinct sub-biome to enhance immersion and create more variety in your journey!

  • The Sprawl: Keep a steady hand on the reins as you guide your coach through sewer sections clogged with offal and melted fat.

  • The Tangle: Plunge down between the roots of the great trees - a suffocating respite from the rain. 

  • The Foetor: Withered fields and muddy road sections create a claustrophobic contrast to the open grazing lands.

  • The Shroud: Small islets stacked with rotting coral break up your route over the unsteady piers.


Region Modifiers

  • Added 10 new Region Modifiers

    • Strategic Plan: +33% Battle Advantage Chance

    • Heavy Winds: -20 Max Flame

    • Big Game: +100% Creature Den Scouting & +200% Creature Den chance


  • Non-damaging Bounty Hunter skills no longer count towards preventing stall penalties

  • Relationship Act Out attacks will no longer consume Strength or CRIT tokens


  • Altars can now use the Altar of Obsession skill during the relevant Confession

  • Altar: Altar of Denial can now grant up to 2 Stealth tokens instead of only 1

  • Altar: Bone Weaving removes Blind tokens if the Confession is Obsession

  • Cherub: Brisk Bedevilment now moves the Cherub back 1 rank, not 2

  • Evangelist: Rush Judgement now moves the Evangelist forward 1 rank, not 2

  • Reduced chance of "out of position" attacks generating Worship to 33% from 60%

The Shroud

  • Heroes now have a low chance of healing 1 stress when the fog lifts


  • Added heaps, oodles, tons of new Academic lines to the game. 

  • Added spawning ground miss sfx, altar ui revisions


  • Some Stagecoach items were improperly categorized rarity-wise (which impacts draw chances and also prices) and/or had incorrect rarity border display. These have been corrected. Items affected: Super Storage Trunk, Medicine Chest, Medical Equipment, Iron Brazier, Academic's Map, Chirurgeon's Map, Leaf Suspension, Worktable Loom, Mortar and Pestle, Blueprint Tubes, Assay Gear, Icebox, Whiskey Still, Alchemical Gear, Windchimes

  • Adjusted camera position for the Protege’s house and the confession screen at the start of a run

  • Added a button to toggle the new Region Goals panel - G

  • Fixed an issue with double-click looting breaking the UI

  • Fix to health max buffs not working on invalidated but preserved memory heroes.

  • Remove delay on banter effects to fix soft lock when hitting node mid banter, now the effects and barks will fire simultaneously, even if the bark is cut off when entering a node/combat/etc

  • Fixed an issue where tutorial archives scrolls when selecting entries to view

  • Various graphical issue fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the path tab for heroes at the crossroads was disabled if they had memories

  • Enabled the region goal panel to be accessible in the Sluice/Valley/Mountain 

  • Added candle reward tooltips on hero goal UI

  • Fixed an issue with Hero ribbons swapping positions rapidly

  • Increment the run survive count on memoried heroes in the party when invalidating saves mid run

  • Removed the use of ‘99 tokens’ in tooltips and replaced with all or every given the context

  • Fixes an issue in the inn where a hero would stop animating

  • Fixes some Inn Item drag and drop issues 

  • Fixes mouse-over issues in the story screen

  • Fixes for Riposte timelines stalling and softlocking the game

  • Fixes inconsistent lighting in the Results screen

  • Fixed Altar of hope watchtower speed buff showing up in a source tooltip

  • Tooltip position cleanup

  • Fixed an issue where dot tooltips appear empty initially

  • Fixed an issue where Tooltips jump on initial open in mastery trainer

  • Stagecoach max speeds and accelerations increased by 10% (except narration panel movement vars)

  • Full stacked inventory items have a gold colored quantity label

HOTFIX  0.17.40053

  • Add missing mud road material to stagecoach wheel VFX

  • Stitching Kit: Increased heal 10% to 20%

  • Transparent VFX missing from Driving, this affected a lot of the areas in driving

  • Additional fixes for profile panel soft locking the game

  • Fixes biome panel showing up briefly when returning to driving

  • Fixes an edge case where a user can lose items when removing stagecoach upgrades and unstacking max limit counts.

  • Fixes inventory item quantity stack colors not updating when unequipping stagecoach items

HOTFIX  0.17.40145


  • Heroes now suffer a stacking 10% penalty to Deathblow Resist after a successful Deathblow save.  This penalty lasts until the end of the current battle.

  • Hellion - Toe-to-Toe+ Taunt generation reduced to 2 from 3

  • Cultists - Fixed an issue with non-Altar Cultists being unable to receive Ordainment bonuses during the Obsession Confession

  • Increased scouting chance for Inns, Guardian, and Dungeon nodes by 10x as they should always appear on the map

Obsession’s Gaze (SPOILERS)

Focused Fault

  • Increased Max HP from 150 to 200

  • Added additional skill

  • Crits from all skills now copy positive tokens

  • Added additional barks

  • Increased bark chance

  • Added description to Focus tokens

Cloistered Eye

  • Added chance to grow fully on the Observe skill

  • Increased Bleed, Blight, Burn resistance from 10% to 20%

Bifurcated Eye

  • Increased Max HP from 6 to 8

  • Increased Bleed, Blight, Burn resistance from 10% to 30%

  • Reduced Move Resistance from 20% to 10%

Cluster of Eyes

  • Increased Max HP from 6 to 12

  • Increased Bleed, Blight, Burn resistance from 10% to 40%

  • Reduced Move Resistance from 40% to 10%


  • Seen token multiplied many times in final boss fight

  • Fixed an issue where Infernal Torch would drop to 0 due to a rounding effect.

  • Fixed an issue with the input system that would cause unresponsive or phantom inputs occurring

HOTFIX 0.17.40213

Obsession’s Gaze (Spoilers)

  • Increased Focused Faults HP from 200 to 250 and added debuff effect for Limerence

  • Minor eye boss bark fixes


  • New travelogue entry for hero goal completion, and rejects wanderer from having a travelogue entry.

  • Hero objective toast also shows an actor sprite 

  • Fixes blank portrait showing in turn order when a character dies to a DOT

  • Fixed an issue that let you continue a run when starting a new profile. 

  • Fixed an issue where Hero Goal Complete notification appears inexplicably on region start

  • Fixed goal panel behaving poorly on widescreens