Darkest Dungeon II - Experimental Update

May 11, 2023

Welcome to the first public beta build of Darkest Dungeon II post 1.0. Before pushing changes to our retail branch of the game, we like to soak test our design changes, optimization work and art polish on a public beta branch.

We encourage players who want to help test these changes and provide feedback to switch to either the "coming_in_hot" beta branch on Steam or the Experimental branch on EGS. Your save will carry over when you switch to that branch. However, once you switch we recommend you stay there until we push the update to the retail branch for everyone. We always recommend making a backup of your save file!

One thing to expect however is we often use this branch to quickly test things, which means there will be missing strings, sometimes bugs and potentially other issues that can affect your gameplay. That said you can get access to the incoming changes first and help provide valuable feedback as we continue to improve and develop Darkest Dungeon II beyond our 1.0 release.

We encourage all of our players to join us on our official discord where people can help you should you hit an issue, or where you can simply join the conversation!


Patch Notes


  • Added many quirk interactions to Academic's Studies

  • Slight increase to candle cost of later character cosmetics

  • Removed deathblow resist buff from Impervious Monsters

  • Reduced stress damage dealt in Jester's chapter 2 story

  • Chalk Dust: No longer requires target to be in Stealth and can now be Dodged, but will also remove any Dodge tokens

  • Confession 3 Boss - Cloistered Eye: Seek skills will now target a random hero when there's no random hero to target

  • Confession 3 Boss - Bifurcated Eye: Detect skills now targets random heroes

  • Confession 3 Boss - Cluster of Eyes: Evince skills now targets random heroes

  • Fixed an issue preventing team names from working when they contained the Flagellant

  • Minimum Deathblow RES for Heroes has been raised from 5% to 33%

  • Minimum Deathblow RES has been reduced from 5% to 0% for monsters

  • Monsters that previously had 5% Deathblow RES, such as the Evangelist, now have 0%

  • Drummer: Order: Defensive Formation no longer grants +50% Deathblow RES for 1 Round

  • Knight: no longer uses En Garde if on Death's Door

  • Bishop: fixed an issue causing the Bishop to occasionally pass his turn unnecessarily

  • Inns can now only be generated once per expedition. I

Based on feedback since our 1.0 release we have decided to revisit the 3rd Confession boss. Today's update addresses a few of the most immediate issues, but be advised we are adjusting this fight further.

We'll be testing and rolling out these changes over the next week or so.


  • A slew of animation and vfx improvements and polish

  • Added a new font for Chinese

  • Added new localization disclaimers by request of the various language loc teams

  • Fixed a softlock issue with a UI edgecase when you don't have all skills equipped and opening stagecoach menu at the same time

  • Updated our credits