Darkest Dungeon II: December Patch Preview

Nov 22, 2021

Greetings Protégé,

In the wake of our early access launch, the team has been hard at work cleaning up some loose ends and implementing many quality of life improvements that were unfinished at the time of launch. Our upcoming patch (slated for mid-December) brings together a number of features and improvements, most notably:

  1. Boss Trophies - In order to access the Mountain, you must kill a biome boss and mount its head on your coach.

  2. Paint Jobs - Alternate textures for the coach have been added to the profile progression - ride out in style!

  3. Dark Runs (Torch) - After you’ve leveled up your profile a bit, the Academic Cache in the Valley will award a new coach upgrade - the Infernal Flame, which pins your torch level at 1. This will provide an experimental experience for our most daring players!

  4. Oasis Node - A new node has been added to all biomes that allows a hero to fully heal their stress.

  5. Multiple Profiles - You can now have multiple concurrent profiles and swap between them.

  6. Hero, monster, and balance adjustments - Ongoing adjustments as part of Early Access

  7. Bugs and quality of life improvements - refinements and fixes in many different areas.

Looking ahead to the new year, you can expect new monsters, biomes, bosses, and playable characters to be added at a regular cadence. We will provide more transparency into our early access plans after the December patch is released.

As always - we appreciate your support and value your feedback!

-The Darkest Dungeon II Team