Darkest Dungeon II: 2022 Wrap Up

Dec 16, 2022

Dear Darkest Dungeon community,

This week we deployed Darkest Dungeon II’s The Void Between Us update to the experimental branch of the Epic Game Store. This is a wholesale reworking of the game’s Affinity System, which is our name for what encompasses affinity, relationships, and meltdowns. These changes were formulated with the help of a solid year of valuable player feedback, and we’re excited to finally get it into your hands. If you want to test it out in this pre-release format, just opt into the afore-mentioned experimental branch. Details about what’s involved in this system are here: https://www.darkestdungeon.com/news/darkest-dungeon-ii-the-void-between-us

2022 has been a busy development year for us. Early access has been instrumental in helping us shape and refine Darkest Dungeon 2. Here’s a look back at the host of updates that the game has seen so far: https://twitter.com/DarkestDungeon/status/1585343403872899072

We recently passed an amazing milestone of 6 million copies of the original Darkest Dungeon sold. (It’s an astonishing 16 million copies including DLC.) This is a firm reminder to us of how widespread our wonderful community is, and why we have to make Darkest Dungeon II the very best it can be. 

As many of you have suspected, we’re going to take a little more time to finish up the remaining additions and improvements to DDII. We are revising our PC 1.0 launch date to Q2 next year - a bit of breathing room will make for a much better game. We’re fortunate to have the resources we need to invest in this extra effort. We’ll provide an exact date in the new year.

First thing in January, we’ll be launching the new relationship system to the main branch on EGS! Future updates will bring exciting driving changes, playable heroes, and more. We’re excited to make Darkest Dungeon II a truly stand-out experience, and we want to thank our community for the great feedback and support throughout our ongoing early access road trip.

Happy holidays to our Hamlet and Valley dwellers,

–Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon II on Epic:  https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/darkest-dungeon-2

Wishlist Darkest Dungeon II on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1940340/Darkest_Dungeon_II/