2021 Discord Community Contests Update

Aug 17, 2021

“Tonight, the fools make merry. Tomorrow, they die laughing.”

Hello Torchbearers! It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our contests so this will be a long update!

Since our last update we have had 3 contests, starting from December. In December we held an emoji contest, in April we held a meme contest and for June we held an Emoji contest! We were going to do a Cosplay contest in January/February, but due to a lack of submissions we postponed it to October!

Below you will find details in the past contests as well our upcoming art contest involving The Runaway!


Darkest Ornaments or Hanging Decor/Charms/Keychains

Signup:November 16th – December 18th
Submissions:December 14th – December 18th
Voting:December 18th – December 21st


🥇 : Choice of Diorama or Artbook, plus an Art Print and Hamlet Sweater
🥈 : Choice of Diorama or Artbook, plus a Hamlet Sweater
🥉 : Choice of Diorama, Artbook, or Hamlet Sweater


🥇Collector Crewby kaxen

🥈Candy Cane Jestby ✰Demon Lucy✰

🥉Trinkets and Baublesby akaSkipper


Darkest Fools Contest

Sign Up:March 12th – April 1st 5pm (PST)
Submission:March 26th – April 1st 5pm (PST)
Voting:April 1st – April 5th 5pm (PST)


🥇: Diorama, Ancestral DD, Tribulations Posters (3pack)
🥈: Diorama, and choice of Ancestral DD or Tribulations Posters
🥉: Choice of Diorama, Ancestral DD, or Tribulations Posters


🥇DD Ending in a Nutshellby OmniPeasant

🥈Why the Dog is Happierby Chimpston

🥉Whistles in the Darkby Snorlaxxo


Darkest Emoji Contest

Signup:May 25th – June 21st
Submissions:June 18th – June 21st
Voting:June 21st – June 28th


🔸 Top 10 emojis will be added and receive a Hamlet Crest Pin!
🔸 Top 3 will also receive a Heroic Rogue Pin Set!


1: Abomsweat by Sept

2: Ancestral_Trolling by Sir Dong Knight

3: JesterHeart by MetalGy

4: Answeater by Tephriaz + DarkestDab by Sept


5: Omegasnort by Nezumi

6: RingPog by Sept

7: Bonk by Comrade [DD Art Comm]

8: RingOhoho by Tephriaz + Affliction_Pensive by Plague Doctor


9: AntiquarianHeart by ThickVeinySausage

10: ThirstBEGONE + ThirstBEGONEspray by [Nerfed] Doot Bearer Lay


Runaway Art Contest!

Signup:July 30th – Aug 30th
Submissions:Aug 23- Aug 30th
Voting:Aug 30th – Sept 9th

Theme: The Runaway

🔸 Art can be traditional, digital, finger painting; any art medium!
🔸 Must follow the server’s #code-of-conduct
🔸 No plagiarism, you will be disqualified and potentially banned
🔸 Only 1 entry per contestant allowed

🥇 : Heroic Rogue Pin set + Artbook + Signed Runaway Art Print
🥈 : Artbook + Heroic Rogue Pin Set
🥉 : Choice of Heroic Rogue Pin Set or Artbook

(if you win and already have artbook we can discuss other options)

Additional Notes:
🔸 A google form will be posted on August 23rd for submissions
🔸 Art will be posted after they have been approved
🔸 Voting will be anonymous again, artists will be revealed after.
🔸 Winners will be announced on September 9th after 5pm (pst)

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy!

You can join the Discord server here:http://discord.gg/darkestdungeon