New PC and Mac Build #10154 – Corpse Changes and More!

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  • corpses cannot be missed
  • corpses are not made if killing blow was a crit
  • corpses should inherit remaining DOTs if they were killed by a normal hit instead
  • lowered small corpse HP slightly


  • Houndmaster: fix to scaling bugs where wasn’t getting proper proc rates as he leveled up (whistle, debuffs)
  • Houndmaster: increased base damage
  • Houndmaster/Hound’s Rush: increased accuracy, increased mark bonus, added minor bleed, moved PROT debuff into Whistle
  • Houndmaster/Harry: increased accuracy, increased dmg
  • Houndmaster/Whistle: made it a standard mark; added PROT debuff and increased thie debuff relative to prev Hound’s Rush PROT debuff)
  • Houndmaster/Blackjack: increased dmg, added Strong Stun
  • Houndmaster and Man-at-Arms cannot guard self
  • Bounty Hunter/Collect Bounty: slight tune down to account for increased team synergy from HM having a Mark, too
  • Bounty Hunter/Uppercut: added strong stun
  • Arbalest/Blindfire: improved dmg
  • Arbalest/Flare: made partywide and added Light
  • Plague Doctor / Grave Robber: Increased accuracy of PD and GR blighting attacks to help mitigate PROC risk
  • Highwayman: slightly reduced top end base damage and slightly reduced damage of Grapeshot Blast
  • Grave Robber: increased base dmg
  • Grave Robber/Thrown Dagger: added a Bleed Resist debuff to increase team synergies
  • Grave Robber/Flashing Daggers: increased dmg a bit


  • PROT: adjusted some starting values and reduced progression scaling on higher level monsters
  • tuned down L3 and L5 monsters some
  • L1 monsters – lowered crits
  • Designated some monster attacks as Can’t Crit, to eliminate some edge cases and odd situations (like Howl crits)
  • maggots: dropped PROT although was sincerely tempted just to call them “Armored Maggots” and be done
  • tweak down PROT of Skel Captain and Skel Defender
  • Tuned down Skel Captain multistun a bit
  • unclean giant: hits more like a Mack f-in truck
  • Giant has a new brain to favor his tree branch
  • Cultist Witch has a new brain to favor stress cast
  • Swine Drummer has a new brain to favor stress drumming
  • ghouls and skel captains: slightly reduced overall threat
  • swine wretch dodges more
  • swine slasher dodges less
  • cauldrons can’t be missed HUZZAH
  • Higher level cannon bosses sometimes summon more Fusemen (HUZZAH AGAIN)


  • Economy pass: scaled up mid and late game costs (hero upgrades, hero treatment, building upgrades) as part of economy balance pass
  • Hero upgrade costs: lowered initial costs but scaled up later upgrade costs significantly
  • Building upgrade costs: increased costs of mid and later upgrades significantly
  • Increased extra treasure resulting from dark conditions (low torch/dark runs) to try to make the risk worthwhile
  • Hero treatment costs increase with hero Resolve Level. After all, Veteran heroes take more work to fix, drink more, need more soul-searching, and have weirder fetishes!


  • Added the option to turn off Tutorial messages (see OPTIONS screen)
  • RNGesus: tinkering underneath the hood to reduce some of the most outlandish sequences of monster crits or dodges
  • Quest Generation: all new logic to generate quests that better match your roster. This should reduce the situations where you have a full roster of 5s but only get L1 quests, or vice-versa.
  • TIME PASSING IN TOWN: time will no longer pass in town if you started a quest and immediately retreated. You must make some progress (in one of several measured ways) for time to pass. If time doesn’t pass, heroes won’t complete treatment, quests won’t re-roll, stage coach won’t refill, etc. This *shouldn’t* overly penalize unlucky runs because some of the measure of progress will account for this. The feature is mainly designed to prevent loading a dungeon and quitting back out just to roll town.
  • Also, If time does not pass during the raid, the retreating heroes won’t get quirks or diseases. However, they will still suffer retreat stress.
  • Death’s Door: reduced stress penalties for repeated Death’s Doors during the same combat. Let’s face it–after you’ve stared down Death several times in the same battle, the fear diminishes…
  • Bleeds and Blights (heroes and monsters): ensured all have a 5 step progression in terms of proc chance so there aren’t dead spots at upgrades 2 and 4
  • EFFECTS: removed duration overrides for some effects where it was not intended, separated out mark side effects in to their own effects
  • Medicinal Herbs no longer cure bleed/blight (this was a bug)


Bug Fixes

  • cleaned up extra “” printing in the hero files
  • string fixes / missing strings (e,g, disease treatment)
  • Fixing bark transitions.
  • Handling if nobody is available to bark during town stress presentation.
  • Bug fix in the heirarchical_file. Fixes problem with options not being saved properly.
  • fixed another bug with updating the name in the activity log’s hero level up entry.
  • making sure that awarded trinkets from the previous raid aren’t included in the pool of trinkets that can be misplaced by a hero in an activity.
  • Fixed negative quirk cost exploit when assigning a hero to a sanitarium slot.
  • Fixed bug in effects which prevented the Skull Adrenaline effect from being applied until camp.
  • Moved the initial swap to be after the swap interval has been set. Potential steam overlay fix.
  • Fixed up loot box when there are too many items.
  • fixed bug where quirks weren’t awarded if the quest wasn’t completed instead of using conditions for a week being complete.
  • Fixing up bug where you could equip two trinkets of the same type.
  • Monsters shouldn’t try to target friendly corpses.
  • Reformated saving of goals.
  • Updating starting save to new raid version.

Finally, a note on Trinkets: We know they still need a lot of balancing love. We haven’t forgotten! We are currently working to get the Cove finished and ready for PAX, and then will be looking at them.


Copied from the Steam Post found here.