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We are seeking an experienced systems designer to join us at Red Hook. We are a small team and as such you will be working closely with all roles to accomplish your tasks.


  • You will directly assist the Design Director, Creative Director, and Senior Designers in the creation of technical game systems that meet the high level product goals.
  • You will be hands-on with all tuning elements in the game, adjusting values based upon senior direction, established design goals, playtests, metrics, and your own intuition. You will frequently be the last person to touch data before it goes live into the game.
  • You will contribute to, help improve and work within established pipelines for creating and implementing game data.
  • You will analyze general playtest data metrics and make recommendations to senior game leadership about changes, adjustments, and game additions as required.
  • You will spend a significant part of every single day in Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and Unity.
  • You will be the dedicated numbers “gearhead” in the design department.

Required Qualifications:

  • Familiarity and passion for turn-based strategy RPGs.
  • Ability to work in Canada or qualification for a work permit (we can assist in evaluating)
  • 3+ Years game industry experience
  • One or more published video game titles where you were working as a systems designer or equivalent
  • A love of numbers and math.
  • High level of MS Excel and Google Sheets capability.
  • At least some familiarity with Tableau, and an interest and drive to become proficient, if not already, in using it for data analysis.
  • Strong personal work ethic
  • Interest and comfort in working within a small team of diverse people.
  • You are a game enthusiast that stays up to date on trends within the RPG, ARPG, and strategy genres.
  • Willingness to take direction and ability to be coached and guided.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with teammates, including initiating conversation when required to resolve blockages and to obtain more information necessary to perform your tasks well.

Bonus Qualifications:

  • In Vancouver already
  • 2+ Published Titles
  • Strong familiarity with Darkest Dungeon gameplay
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a technical field such as Engineering, Mathematics, Business Analysis, or Computer Science. In addition to this being good for your skills, it helps make immigration to Canada easier if you’re not already here.
  • Knowledge of formal math, probability, and statistics a big plus. (But we aren’t expecting a mathematician.)
  • Unity Experience
  • Experience using VBA to enhance and automate spreadsheets
  • C# and/or C++ fluency
  • Additional portfolio pieces such as game prototypes, mods, or technical analysis and community resources created for games that you are passionate about.

Duration: Permanent full-time, on-site.

Location: Vancouver

Compensation: Competitive, DOE

Send us your resume and include “Systems Designer” in the subject:

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