Discord Server February Contest

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Our community is very important to us and it is our goal to keep everyone engaged. To celebrate our love for our community, we hold contests on the Darkest Dungeon Discord server. In February our contest was a Mini-Boss Mod Contest! There were several great entries that the community voted on and three were selected as winners. Below you will find details of the contest, winners, when we hold our next contest and how you can participate!

The Winners of the Mini-Boss Mod Contest:

First Place: The Banshee

Creators: Marvin Seo, Claire de Lune, and ElementFive

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Second Place: The Incandescent Whisperer

Creators: S-Purple, Magic Rabbit Hat, Smarmy Mormon Jesus, and Slightly_Seal

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Third Place: The Head Hoarder

Creators: CarnifexX, Anonymous_Koala, Sasiji, Shay and Krekk0v

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We had a several entries and all of them are unique and amazing! You can find them on steam through the links below.

Sea Serpent by Snorlaxxo and kaxen

Jojo Leper by ChickenGuy, Snorlaxxo and TiltedHat

Heresy in the Blood! by Rael

Nerub by Mhnlo and BayBot

Contest Info:

The contest was announced on January 4th and the contestants were given a month to prepare. Contestants needed to submit their mod on the Discord server by 5pm (PST) on February 15th. Voting was opened in the server immediately after and was open for a week. Members of the server voted by selecting the corresponding Emoji for the submission.

The rules were:

1. Mod must be a complete, functioning and accessible on the DD Steam Workshop.
2. Multiple people were allowed to work on one project as a team.
3. Individuals were allowed to work on more than one project (e.g., do art for more than one mod).
4. The same group of people were only allowed to do 1 mod together.
5. Mod must follow the Discord Server Code of Conduct.
6. Pre-existing mods were not allowed, mod must be a new mod created only for the DD Contest.


First place winners were awarded with Character Art, by Chris Bourassa, with their choice of characters. The Winners chose Grave Robber, Shieldbreaker and one of Marvin’s mod characters (Seraph). Each will receive the art printed and signed.

Second and third place winners were awarded with an Artbook for each collaborator.

The first contests we held were an October emote and art contest. We also held a December art contest and a January In-Game Contest. We plan to hold a contest every other month and on certain holidays.

The next contest will be held on April 1st, more details to come later! Contest ideas and feedback are always welcome. Thank you for all your support.

You can join the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server with the link below: