Discord Server February Contest – Winners

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“A moment of valor shines brightest against a backdrop of despair.”

We had a very successful emoji contest, with over 40 entries! The contest was separated into two sections; animated and static emojis. Contestants were allowed to submit up to 5 entries. The top 20 were kept in the server and the top three will receive the following prizes:

🥇: Diorama, CE (Switch, Ps4, PsVita), Signed Artprint
🥈: Diorama, Ancestral DD (switch, steam, ps4)
🥉: Diorama

Static Emoji Contest Winners:

🥇 First: 🥇

Woke Leper by Lemons

🥈 Second: 🥈

Plague Heart by Sept

🥉 Third: 🥉

Crit and Bleed by Norb

Here are the top 20 we will be keeping on the server (with a couple ties giving us 23):

Animated emoji contest winner:

We only had one person submit animated emojis, they will receive the 1st place prize and has been given the Legend Role!

Here are the animated emojis by Kaxen:

Abom Bounce:










Next contest will be a meme contest for April Fools! More details to come!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. To join the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server, click here.