Discord Server December Contest – Winners

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“As the light gains purchase, spirits are lifted and purpose is made clear.”

The two contests concluded on December 20th at 5pm (PST). There were 10 art entries and 7 trinket crafting entries. We are continuously amazed at the talent of our community! See below for the contest winners, all entries, and next contest. 

Art Contest Winners:

🥇 First:

Merry Dismas
by happi ♔ (Pictured Above)


The Ancester Makes for a Good Christmas Tree
by Welp

🥉 Third:

There Arose Such A Clatter
by GoldenYak

Other Entries:

The Christmas Court by mr pogi

The First Darkest Christmas by Hunting-Star(Comic Artist)

An Inspiring Carol by Novi

Flagellant Christmas Tree by Trollo

Maddening Christmas by [🅱eaned] SRL

A Winter Eve’s Tale by WhisperingWillow

Ugly Sweater Party by kaxen

Trinket Crafting Contest Winners:

🥇 First:

Glittering Spaulders
by Merciful Maid

🥈 Second:

Ashen Distillation
by kaxen

🥉 Third:

Reversible Moon/Sun Cloack
by mrs. canon grave robber v2

Other Entries:

Blight Charm by DotDash

Archer’s Ring by Heresy

Stun Amulet by Emw

HM’s Cudgel by @Mousemysak

Next Contest

Darkest Mod Contest in January!

Theme: Winter or Celebration

You can do any type of mod you want; new character, skin, boss, trinkets, curios, background, etc. Whichever you think you will have time for. 

🔹 Mod must be a complete, functioning and accessible on the DD Steam Workshop.
🔹 Multiple people are allowed to work on one project as a team. 
🔹 Individuals are allowed to work on more than one project (e.g., do art for more than one mod). 
🔹 The same group of people are only allowed to do 1 mod together.
🔹 Mod must follow the #code-of-conduct.
🔹 Pre-existing mods are not allowed, mod must be a new mod created only for the DD Modding Contest (starting from Nov 18th).
🔹 All team members must be properly credited for their work.
🔹 If doing a skin mod, it can be a skin for an already existing mod character, as long as it is credited. 
🔹 No claiming someone else’s mod for your own, you will be disqualified and potentially banned.

Each Collaborator from the winning Mods will receive a prize.

🥇: Diorama, CE (Switch, Ps4, PsVita), Signed Artprint
🥈: Diorama, Ancestral DD (switch, steam, ps4)
🥉: Diorama

Signup: Nov 25th – Jan 24th 
Submission: Jan 19th – Jan 24th 
Voting: Jan 24th – Jan 31st 
Dates, times, and prizes are subject to change.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. To join the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server, click here.

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