Discord Server August Contest: Winners!

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Madness – sublimity of the intelligence, or so it has been said. 

We had an overwhelming 29 entries for our writing contest! It was a lot to read, but well worth the time! We always love seeing how creative our community is!

Here are our winners:

🥇First: TIE!  \(^ᴗ^)/

On the Old Road by fisguinho
Summary: A story following our favourite hero, Dismas, as he goes on his first adventure on the Warrens.
Word Count: 3908

A Fool’s Journey by mr pleb
Summary: The Jester makes his journey to the Hamlet.
Word Count: 1868

🥈 Second: 

Oh Caretaker by Nia, Tyler.
Summary: A small point of view of the caretaker, a little bit of insanity and sanity while we see the Caretaker start to go insane as it goes on, with a shadowed undisclosed (so far, I really wanna continue this to be honest.) past.
Word Count: 1800

🥉 Third: 4 WAY TIE!  \(^ᴗ ^ \)  

Conscious Caverns by JacobH
Summary:  Re-imagining of the Darkest Dungeon setting; set in the early 90s in a remote mining town, telling the story of the first team to embark. 
Word Count: 3978

Fanaticism’s Finest by the canon grave robber
Summary: Two devout followers of Christ endure the same mission, but different horrors. Told in a series of contrasting monologues, “Fanaticism’s Finest” delves deep into the minds of the faithful who enter the Crimson Court. 
Word Count: 2160

To You, From Beyond the Antediluvian by david d
Summary: A seeker makes their way to the Hamlet and questions the value of the suffering endured here.
Word Count: 2551

The Howling End by Inguaz 
Summary: Our courageous adventurers brave the as-yet unexplored frozen lands of Darkest Dungeon II.
Word Count: 1567

Here are the other stories:

Refracted by Blindside
Summary: A party ventures into the Farmstead to brave the infinite slaughter, and crumbles as time wears on.
Word Count: 4000

The Ancestor’s Lost Journal by TraceOfSpades
Summary: Curiously, despite several efforts to thoroughly excavate the manor and its surrounding grounds, we had been unable to recover a particular journal from the Ancestor. There is a remarkable gap between specific dates, and it was not like him to leave events uncatalogued. We’d thought this would simply be a void in history, lost eternally to the stride of time. That is, until now.
Word Count: 3218

The Heiress by RIDENTEM 
Summary: An heiress who recently came into her fortune yearns for adventure instead of gold given on a silver platter.  When the opportunity to explore an unknown land presents itself she jumps at the chance to go on an adventure.
Word Count: 1727

Purging Crimson by GUBUS
Summary: Reynauld, Dismas, Boudicca the Hellion and Junia the Vestal go to destroy the source of the crimson curse. (Spoiler warning for the crimson court)
Word Count: 1936

In the Darkness of the Ruins by Vowl 
Summary: Dismas and Junia wander the ruins after a ghoul slays two of their comrades.
Word Count:2954

Journal of Liam, Jester by Trollo 
Word Count: 1291

An Hour of Weakness by Blackquill
Summary: After attempting to get out of an expedition to the warrens via a game of chance, A bounter hunter and a team of misfits end up confronting swine-folk head-on, in the pitch dark.
Word Count: 3964

The Thing in the Forest by T Posing Quad Lepers AKA GIT GUD
Summary: Dismas leads three recruits into the Weald and gets into a few fights, encountering something he will never forget.
Word Count: 3957

Sanctuary by SemperPie
Summary: A four-man party rests at a campfire.
Word Count: 1653

His Personage by Purri
Summary: The most horrible monsters of all are not born, nor created, but corrupted from the innocent by desperation–so goes one chapter in the dense annals of the ancestor’s sins.
Word Count: 3465

Insurmountable Evil by nicologoski
Summary: This story follows the journey of a bounty hunter, abomination, highwayman, and occultist encountering a horrible creature during their journey.
Word Count: 1515

The Story of the Man by DarkDez17
Summary: You and your team delve into the Darkest Dungeon, where you find an old journal. Whom did it belong to and why did they leave it here, time to learn the truth about the man, whom everyone consider to be a legend.
Word Count: 1369

A Note by @DotDash
Summary: A note, found left and forgotten somewhere, offering to all those who would dare read it a glimpse into the reality and a few…”hot tips”
Word Count: 1420

Chained Together by Zenmaster
Summary: A man with a troubling history visits the Hamlet and learns to deal with the tragedy of his life.
Word Count: 1401

Reclamation by Smelp
Summary: A stalwart settler of the Hamlet is tasked to carry out a message intended to inspire hope in the surrounding lands.
Word Count: 1337

Covid’s Cry by Cherry
Summary: Dismas leads a group into the Weald to prove to them that the Shrieker is only a myth but learns that sometimes stories turn out to be true.
Word Count: 2175

Loonday by Colesy
Summary: Barristan tries to get his lazy eye treated.
Word Count: 1765

Triumph by Outcast
Summary: A fan made alternate ending to darkest dungeon
Word Count: 3610

Indecision by kaxen
Summary: The heir’s efficacy as leader weighs heavily on his mind. 
Word Count: 1397

Wanderings in the Desert by Opprobrium
Summary:A story connecting the origin comics of the Occultist, Antiquarian, and Shieldbreaker, detailing how and why they set out on the long journey to the Hamlet. 
Word Count: 2292

The Old Road, and Those Who Walk It. by The Narrator
Summary: This is a tale of two unlikely comrades – Dismas, a veteran criminal, and Reynauld, a proud crusader – making their harrowing journey on foot, to the gates of the old hamlet in your family’s name.
Word Count: 1637

Those Left Behind by Dextral Malin
Summary: A story about the heroes who stay behind in the hamlet.
Word Count: 1661

Next Contests:

2 Halloween/Day of the Dead Themed Contests!

Cosplay Contest
Sign Up: Sept 18th – Oct 18th
Submission: Oct 18th – Oct 25th
Voting: Oct 25th – Oct 31st
Winner’s Announced: October 31st

Pumpkin Carving Contest
Sign Up: Sept 18th – Oct 18th
Submission: Oct 18th – Oct 25th
Voting: Oct 25th – Oct 31st
Winner’s Announced: October 31st

More details later this month! Dates subject to change!

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