Discord Server April Contest

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“Fear and frailty finally claim their due.”

Last year we held a contest for April fools where we received 30+ meme submissions! Since the last one went so well, we decided to hold another meme contest for April Fools again, especially since our server has more than doubled in size since then!

▬▬ 🎭 Darkest Fools Contest: 🎭 ▬▬

Sign Up
March 13th – March 31st 5pm (PST)

Submission Period:
March 23rd – March 31st 5pm (PST)

Voting Period:
Voting: April 1st – April 6th 5pm (PST)

▬▬ Requirements: ▬▬

Optional Theme: Darkest Fools

🔹 Meme must be a new fresh meme, not one that has already been seen.
🔹 Must be Darkest Dungeon themed
🔹 Meme must have some effort put into it, and not just a random image with a caption.
🔹 Meme must follow the Server’s #code-of-conduct.
🔹 Only one entry per contestant is allowed.

Entries must be submitted by 5pm (PST) on the 31st of March. 

▬▬ Prizes ▬▬

🥇: Ancestral DD; Courtyard Calls Poster; DD Coin
🥈: Courtyard Calls Poster; DD Coin
🥉: Courtyard Calls Poster

Prizes, dates, and times are subject to change

▬▬ Additional Notes ▬▬

🔹 A google form will be posted on March 27th for submissions
🔹 Memes will be posted after they have been approved
🔹 Winners will be announced after voting ends on April 6th

▬▬ How to Enter ▬▬

🔹 Join our Discord Server
🔹 Acknowledge Rules posted in the server.
🔹 Signup through post in contest channels.
🔹 Submit entry through form posted on March 27th.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. To join the madness of the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server, click here.