Discord Contest August 2021

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“Great adversity has a beauty – it is the fire that tempers.”

Hello everyone! With Darkest Dungeon 2 early access release around the corner, we decided to do a Runaway Fanart for the August Discord contest! We had 19 amazing entries which you can see below!

Runaway Art Contest  Winners:



Angel of the Abandoned by @marbleboa

🥈 Second 🥈

This is Fine by Mhnlo

🥉 Third 🥉

Can’t Runaway This Time by GOOG

Here are the other entries:

The match is struck. A blazing star is born! by @KaramzinovaArt

Royalty by @UnFlareFox

Runaway Idle by @Terk_MC

The Runaway by @ivan_the_stronk

Arsonist’s Glory by @Ghosty_Skull1

Runaway by MRX

Amidst Flames by @nabsaroo

Runaway by ratbaby

The Runaway by Quintobot

Crowd by PavisePavisnt

Runaway by ZeroSystem

The Fire That Tempers by ghostshark

Runaway’s Matchbox by JamesTwice

All Roads Lead to Ruin by @MrJoshislav

The Runaway by @metal_gy

Burger by mood

With the release coming up we will not do a contest for October. Next contest will be in November or December, more details to come! Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy!

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