Darkest Dungeon – Year One

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Darkest Dungeon released exactly one year ago today! Thanks to your support (which of course means a willingness to throw innocent heroes into harms way over and over and over again), the game has captivated over 1 million players on five different platforms. What began as a tiny nugget of an idea has become reality, and the thriving community around the game is something we are incredibly grateful for.

Thanks to this strong player base, the game is as alive as ever. The free Radiant Mode update is just around the corner, and Crimson Court DLC continues to take ghoulish shape as well. In addition, we are firming up plans for some other platforms which will enable us to bring Darkest Dungeon to even more players or give you more ability to play it in situations that fit your lifestyle even better. Reaching new players directly translates into an ability for us to do even more things with the game and its expansions. Last but not least, some of the merch is now sent off to the printer and we’re going to update our website soon with an online store where you’ll be able to get some DD swag!

When we started Red Hook in 2013, it was to be able to create unusual games that might not have been funded via a traditional publishing relationship. Thanks to Kickstarter, Early Access, and some amazing digital storefronts (Steam, PlayStation Network, GOG, Humble, CDP, and more), it’s happened. We genuinely can’t wait to see what this next year brings to the Estate.

–The Darkest Dungeon Team