Darkest Dungeon – PS4, PSVITA, XONE, Switch, and IOS Patch Released!

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Today we are rolling out patches to all of our console versions of Darkest Dungeon. This patch is fixing bugs as well as a few issues specific to the each platform. Below are the patch notes for the latest PC version which is now in parity with all consoles. Please give it time to update in your region.

Darkest Dungeon – Build #24839All Platform Changes

  • Change to assert message for running out of solutions.
  • Fix to estate summary bug with district buttons and controller.
  • Fix to districts blocking character sheet input with controller.
  • Fix for Fanatic’s background offset bug
  • Fix to heroes not having combat_end buffs cleared on retreat.
  • Fix for shards collected amount not showing up on raid results screen
  • Fix roster scrolling w/ controller at high fps
  • Fix to monster AOE Friendly skills not working with one 2 slot monsters and 2 1 slot monsters.
  • Additional heart attack variables cleared. Fixes stress relief activities for heroes that died of a heart attack when lost in time and space.
  • Fixes to combat’s stall-prevention system
  • Fixes to graveyard text having missing strings in rare death scenarios
  • Monster’s .ignore_stealth tag now works correctly on Area of Effect attacks if all heroes are in stealth
  • Fix to dlc hero classes not having upgrade prices modified by campaign difficulty
  • “Restraining Padlock” trinket stress damage modifier now correctly applies to other heroes in the party when equipped abomination uses “Transform”
  • Prevented miller’s trinket interaction attack from having its buff resisted

iPad Changes

  • All Cinematics now display subtitles
  • Cinematics volume option now functional
  • Fixed save import bug where DLC cinematics appeared as locked in the Ancestor’s Memoirs when importing from PC
  • Improved clarity for several icons that appeared blurry
  • Improved screen layout for 11-inch iPad Pro

PS4 Changes

  • Added Czech, Korean and Simplified Chinese languages to the game (PS4 only, not Vita)
  • Districts Menu fixed to no longer limit construction to left-most available building
  • Roster sorting controls should no longer become unresponsive

Xbox One Changes

  • Fix to Wolves at the Door map navigation on Bloodmoon difficulty
  • Fix for torch meter UI not reappearing after Shieldbreaker flashbacks
  • Prevented ambush encounters such as Shieldbreaker nightmares from crashing on load in rare scenarios
  • Added achievements syncing checks

Switch Changes

  • The Musketeer wrathful hat trinket fix is missing on Switch
  • Fix for Crimson Court traps doing more damage than intended if CoM is enabled
  • Fix to Wolves at the Door map navigation on Bloodmoon difficulty
  • Fix for torch meter UI not reappearing after Shieldbreaker flashbacks
  • Fix to Main menu crash when playing House of Ruin cinematic w/ DLC menu open
  • Fix to Korean language selection string font