Darkest Dungeon Limited Edition Diorama now for sale!

redhookjohn News

The Darkest Dungeon Diorama that was promised as a backer reward is now for sale for anyone to purchase on Fangamer while supplies last.

The Diorama was manufactured by Panda Game Manufacturing, costs $25 USD and has over 40 figures and 4 background vignettes. This edition contains Vvulf and his Raiders, which will be exclusive to this printing only!

This set contains the following character classes: Crusader (Zealous Accusation pose), Plague Doctor, Highwayman (Point Blank Shot pose), Vestal, Grave Robber, Hellion, Occultist, Leper.

For our first run we selected the iconic Ruins as the dungeon location featured in the backgrounds and for the monster tokens selected. From Bone Rabble all the way to fiendish Bone Bearer, all the skeleton monsters are represented with at least 1 token. The Necromancer and Shambler are also contained in this set. We also included a handful of curios to help spice up your scenes, including a looted adventurer’s pack (damn you Reynauld!).

Want more information on Fangamer’s shipping policies as well as question about international shipping? Find those here on Fangamer’s Website. 

We are excited to have these finally out for sale as they’ve been a real treat to work on. We hope they do well and if they do we will consider doing a second run focusing on the other dungeon regions and the other heroes and poses.

If any of you have already received your copy from your Kickstarter pledge or purchased a copy from Fangamer we’d love for you to share your set up with us on twitter/facebook!