DLC: The Binding Blade

A fearless fencer, a lost knight.

One waits at the crossroads for redemption, the other, adrift in the sprawling wilds of the Kingdom. Master the ruthless Duelist, battle through barricades, and seek clues that will lead you to...the last of the Crusaders.

The Duelist is a disciplined and deadly combatant who can tactically switch between Defensive and Aggressive stances. A formidable presence in any lineup, she is able to ignore enemy defenses, and strike back with Riposte. Her pursuit of perfection means she will demand the best of her team and command them to victory by wiping out cooldown times and providing both offensive and defensive buffs.

The Crusader has returned! This battle hardened knight is fueled by a radiant Holy fire and will Smite his foes where they stand. The Crusader is a well rounded front rank hero who can withstand punishing blows, support his team with healing and stress recovery, and rend his opponents with his righteous blade.