About the game


The eagerly awaited follow-up to Red Hook's smash hit gothic horror RPG! DDII will test your mettle and drive you to the brink of madness. Armor yourself with purpose and provision your party for the journey ahead. It will be arduous.

Key Feature

Deeper Battles, Darker Enemies.

Explore various tactics as you battle unspeakable horrors who stand between you and salvation. The stress of these encounters can push your heroes into a devastating meltdown…or see them rise resolute out of their darkest moments.

Key Feature

Amazing New Locations.

From the burning Sprawl to the diseased Foetor, the long road to the Mountain will challenge your strategies and your endurance.  Discover the failings of your flawed heroes in playable backstories and help them find redemption on the road.

Key Feature

The Story Continues, Be Ready for Anything!

Darkest Dungeon II is about hope, grit and determination. It reminds us that in times of crisis, we can't wait for salvation, we have to find it ourselves - earn it, in spite of our weaknesses.



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