Crimson Court Store Page is Live!

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We’ve been hard at work on Crimson Court, but have some new details we’d like to share with you all. 

Crimson Court

Today, the Crimson Court DLC page on Steam has gone live!  You can now add it your Steam wishlist and receive future notifications for when it goes on sale!

A few weeks back, we started the slow trickle of information about the upcoming DLC.  The small blog post earlier last month that gave a high level look at the expansion’s scope, but if in case you missed it, here’s the link. 

We did an article for Game Informer and that coverage should be live later today for subscribers and will be printed in their magazine next week. In that article we give the first glimpses of some new enemies and The Courtyard dungeon region – so keep your eyes out for that.


Check out some of the images of the fantastic prototype diorama and packaging!  Panda Mfg did a great job and after some final tweaks we will be approving them for manufacturing. After that it takes a couple of months to do mass production and ship them back to us for distribution. So while there is still some time before these arrive at your homes, we can’t be more excited to see progress!

Missed the Kickstarter campaign and want to purchase a diorama? We will be selling some of these limited edition dioramas online after we ship to our backers.

Art Book and Prints

We have manufactured the prints and now just need to have Chris sign them and we can begin distributing. That will be done soon.

Art book creation is progressing and we will finish it up after we ship The Crimson Court DLC. (See below.)

That’s all for now! We will post another update once we get some more details on the Art Book and prints, as well as a release date and price for the Crimson Court. For now, happy hunting and keep your torch bright!