Fan Creation Usage Policy

We see a large amount of fan creations, and our general guidance applies to all of them: we reserve the right to issue takedown notices to anything that we feel infringes on our intellectual property. We also want to remind all that 'Darkest Dungeon' and 'Red Hook' and the associated logos are protected. All fan creations must emphasize that they are not an official product of Red Hook Studios or Darkest Dungeon. Fan creations may not be used in a commercial manner. Furthermore, by posting a fan creation, you also must understand that any similarity to official products released later is purely coincidental. We don't review fan creations, and inaction on our part does not imply vetting or approval. It's quite possible that we will issue takedown notices much later than an initial posting, just because we may notice an area of legal infringement at any time. None of this is intended to discourage fan creations, by the way! We just must maintain legal separation.

TL;DR is that you can do non-commercial stuff for fun, but nothing commercial. And you must also make it very clear that it's not official.

We don't mean any of this to be discouraging! We're flattered and want to keep inspiring fans. We just have to maintain that legal separation.