Color of Madness Reflections Patch and Porting Update!

redhookjohn News

This update contains some significant changes to Endless Harvest brought about by feedback and observation.

It’s important to us that Endless Harvest is an exciting, tense experience. Some of the balance and structure in the first deployment make it possible to advance through what we consider an excessive amount of kills (1000+!) which results in a drawn out experience lacking some of the tension and excitement that we feel is vital. These changes have been made to try to keep the experience “punchy”, while still retaining that incentive and challenge of bettering your kill counts…without requiring a dozen or more hours for a single deep run. We hope that you find them to be good changes for the long term health of the mode, just as we do!

For the full patch notes please check out the forum post here.

A frequent question we’ve been asked since the DLC release on PC, is when it will arrive on Switch, PS4, PSVITA, iOS, and XBOX One. Needless to say that we had to dedicate a good chunk of development time to post release support that we felt would improve the overall quality of the DLC.

This resulted in the code base being more actively worked on in such a way that it made it less ideal to pass off to our porting partners. However, we pushed this patch to our public beta branch a couple weeks ago and have since then handed over the code base to our porting partners at Blitworks and Knockout Games. They are now hard at work getting our internal builds ready for testing, which is one step closer to submission to first party certification processes.

While we don’t have a hard timeline in place yet, we wanted to at least give you the update and confirmation that YES we are working on getting Color of Madness ported and we will have more information soon!

P.S. Featured Image was done by VoodooVal.