Discord Server Darktober Contest – Winners

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“And now… the darkness holds dominion – black as death.”  Our two Darktober contests concluded last week on October 31st, 5pm (PST)! We had some amazing entries for both, and are very excited to share them with you. See below for the contest winners, all entries, and when the next contest will be.  Pumpkin Carving Winners 🥇 First: 🥈 Second: …

Discord Server Darktober Contest

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“The darkness holds much worse than mere trickery and bogeymen.”  For October we will be doing TWO contests simultaneously; a Pumpkin Carving Contest and a Cosplay Contest!  Sign Up Sept 18th – Oct 25th at 5pm (PST) Submission PeriodOct 18th – Oct 25th at 5pm (PST) Voting Period Oct 25th at 5pm (PST) – Oct 31st at 5pm (PST) How …

Discord Server August Contest: Winners!

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“Madness – sublimity of the intelligence, or so it has been said.“  We had an overwhelming 29 entries for our writing contest! It was a lot to read, but well worth the time! We always love seeing how creative our community is! Here are our winners: 🥇First: TIE!  \(^ᴗ^)/ On the Old Road by fisguinhoSummary: A story following our favourite hero, …

Discord Server August Contest

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“A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth.”  A couple months ago we held a poll on our Discord server for the next two contests. Art Contest came in first, which we held in June, and writing contest came in second. For the month of August we will hold the Writing Contest! Here are the deets: 📜 Sign Up …

Discord Server Contest Winners and July Contest

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“Many fall in the face of Chaos; but not this one, not today.” On Friday, June 21st our Art Contest came to an end. We received 10 amazing entries that the community voted on. Here are the winners, all entries, and info for our next contest! Winners: (ノ^ᴗ^)ノ 🥇Brightest Beaches by @Marvin Seo#4551https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lRPYcwM8amolCoaUJhetZ72FyhUPMc6N 🥈 Watermelon Punch Party by @nodappjung#4037https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HSLUMkudFerSwQNQLyrIh0Fp2S6Y8KCo 🥉 …

Discord Server June Contest

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“A moment of valor shines brightest against a backdrop of despair.” After the last contest, a poll was held on our Discord Server to choose what to do next. Art Contest had the most votes, so we will be holding an Art Contest in June! It will be ‘Darkest Summer’ themed to celebrate the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Discord Server April Contest Update: Winners!

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The meme contest has concluded and the winners have been chosen by the Discord server members. We had an overwhelming 34 glorious memes submitted, making this our most participated contest. Details on the contest and how to join the Discord server are below! Winning Memes: Congratulations to the winners of our first meme contest! First place: The Ancestor Goes to …

Discord Server April Contest

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“Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!” April 1st is coming up and we wanted to do something fun. Thus, we are unleashing a Meme Contest onto the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server. There will be some new, fun prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Sign Up:March 11th – April 1st at 5pm (PST). Submission Period:March 27th …

Discord Server February Contest

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Our community is very important to us and it is our goal to keep everyone engaged. To celebrate our love for our community, we hold contests on the Darkest Dungeon Discord server. In February our contest was a Mini-Boss Mod Contest! There were several great entries that the community voted on and three were selected as winners. Below you will …