Roster Patches and Content Update

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Hey everyone, Here’s the latest from us here at Red Hook! Early Next Week: The Roster Patch! Color Variations: All heroes have 4 different color palettes available for you to choose from! Roster Sorting: Sort by stress, resolve level, and more. Party Combo Names 1.0: Certain party combos will be named! When assembling your group, watch for the popup and …

An Update from Redhook

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Hello Everyone! The past month has been incredible.  We have been absolutely blown away by the support that Darkest Dungeon has received.  On behalf of the team I want to thank you for making the game a success.  We have been watching Twitch, YouTube, reading forums (our own & Steam’s) constantly since launch, sharing in your feedback, debates, rage and …

Red Hook’s Official Statement on Darkest Dungeon Modding

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Officially, we can’t give our stamp of approval to any mods at this time because that could come with the obligation for providing technical support and related troubleshooting. Also, our particular vision of the game is still very much in work and we wish to devote 100% of our attention to that at this time. Early Access, by its nature, …

Darkest Dungeon Team Update

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WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEK! The Darkest Dungeon team is incredibly grateful for your support for this game. The early response has been beyond our wildest expectations. This will translate into making the game even better. However, we wanted you to know that at this moment, our tiny team is 100% busy attending to technical support, backer support, website support, and …

We’re Live!

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Darkest Dungeon is now available to be purchased on Steam! Have at it!

Early Access Starts Today!

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For those of of you that have survived the Week of Torment so far, congratulations! You are now able to enjoy Darkest Dungeon for yourselves and experience the ancient horrors that dwell beneath your family estate. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind: Darkest Dungeon should unlock sometime around 9:00 a.m. PST on Steam. In an effort to …

It Begins

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For those of you who have Kickstarted Darkest Dungeon (Wanderer Tier and higher), you will be getting your Steam keys a little early. As in today! Today also marks the beginning of the Week of Torment, so be sure to check out any Twitch Streams or Steam Broadcasts that may be going on if you have to wait until February …

Darkest Dungeon now has a Steam Page

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As Cadogan has pointed out already on the forums, Darkest Dungeon now has a Steam page! Be sure to check it out as it does have a couple new screenshots of various content. Don’t forget that Early Access has been confirmed for February 3 and you’ll only be able to get it through Steam.

Darkest Dungeon Article on Filmbeef

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The movie, TV-show and videogame website Filmbeef, has written an article about Darkest Dungeon. Here is an excerpt: For me, this “Affliction System” as they call it, is an amazing concept that adds a whole new level of immersion and gameplay. This isn’t The Sims where your character is depressed because he can’t find love or a job. This is …