Radiant Update – Community Survey and the Swine Skiver

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It’s February! The Radiant Update is shaping up quite nicely and it’s time to introduce the final champion monster: The Swine Skiver The porcine horrors of the Warrens delight in the manic cruelty of the hunt. There is no finer sport to the Pig-Men than the pursuit of screaming victims through the labyrinthine squalor of the Warrens.  Although their blood …

Radiant Update – The Squiffy Ghast

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In our previous post on the Radiant Update we introduced the Bone Bearer, a new champion level monster waiting to be found in the ruins. We are continuing the introductions today with the the new champion monster that is coming to the Cove. Today we bring you the first look at the Squiffy Ghast. When the moon waxes terrible, aethereal …

Darkest Dungeon – Year One

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Darkest Dungeon released exactly one year ago today! Thanks to your support (which of course means a willingness to throw innocent heroes into harms way over and over and over again), the game has captivated over 1 million players on five different platforms. What began as a tiny nugget of an idea has become reality, and the thriving community around …

Hamlet for the Holidays

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Where there is no imagination there is no horror. –Arthur Conan Doyle New PC/Mac/Linux update is live! The main purpose of this update was to merge back all the development done during the porting process to PS4. This should bring the PC/MAC/Linux up to date with the PS4/PSV builds. Build #16707 Added basic Controller support. Currently only uses PS4 Icons. …

Darkest Dungeon Update PS4 1.06 & VITA 1.05

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We’ve been working on getting a patch together for our PlayStation players that will contain all the outstanding issues since our release in September. This patch will roll out next week, but we wanted to share the change list with our players in advance. This should cover most, if not all, of the final touches we wanted to for our …

Another Life Joins the Red Hook Studio Ranks!

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Red Hook is pleased to announce the hiring of Dana Fortier (@BigHotSneeze) as a senior game designer. Dana brings over a decade of experience in game design, including years of working alongside some of the other Red Hook staff in previous studios. He has worked at EA (Skate) and Microsoft, as well as Backbone Entertainment (Rifts, Death, jr. and Mad …

1 Million Copies and the Road Ahead

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With the recent launch on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, Darkest Dungeon has now sold more than one million copies. We remember reading this article from Yacht Club Games, makers of the amazing Shovel Knight and appreciated their transparency about hitting 1MM copies. So this is a gesture to continue what they, and other developers, started. There are a lot …

Update on Today’s Update!

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This afternoon (Friday, September 30) we deployed a patch (v1.04) on PS4 and PS Vita to address a number of crashes. The good news is that the patch appears to be solving approximately 85-95% of crashes! This is based upon automated crash log collection that PSN provides.

PlayStation Update: Never Gunna Give You Up

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Dear PlayStation gamers, This week has been incredibly exciting to see so many new players descend into Darkest Dungeon on PS4 and PS Vita! We’ve been working hard to bring the game to PSN for some time.