Butcher’s Circus Update: Mac and Linux support and more!

redhookjohn News

Mac and Linux users rejoice! With our next build deployment, you’ll be able to play the DLC alongside your friends on PC. We are in the final stages of testing those builds and hope to release them within the coming weeks. 

Season 2 has started and will run until November 11th. And as we stated our previous blog post detailing Seasons, we plan to continue to add new banners for players to unlock as they climb the ladder each Season. 

In a past blog post we talked about improving the connection code to fix many of the issues that have persisted since launch. We have done many small fixes but with the last update and start of Season 2 we switched over to the improved data back-end. With any large change there are obvious risks and while we have tested it thoroughly, no test compares to switching something live. We are hard at work investigating what issues people are facing and hope to have them resolved soon. 

Another aspect of this improved back-end is that our Ban System is now working correctly. We had to disable it during launch since it was responsible for many of the disconnect issues. Now, if you are caught cheating it is sent to arbitration and bans will result. Initial bans will be temporary, but if you are banned enough times it will become permanent. We are of course monitoring it and if you feel you have been permanently banned incorrectly, please email us support@redhookgames.com

We are also introducing a few quality of life improvements:

  • Steam Rich Presence, now when a friend is in the Circus Steam will let you know on your friend’s list.
  • Improved Direct Challenge functionality. We added a button that will allow you to copy/paste steamID’s so you can direct challenge people who are not on your friends list.
  • Offline Bots and a Custom Bot file. Now if you are offline, you may still enter the circus but you may only battle against bots. You won’t gain prestige, but you will still qualify for any Town Events that ask you to enter the CIrcus. The custom bot file will allow anyone to add a custom party and skills and allow that file to be shared around the community.

Last but not least, we wanted to thank Dan Porter (@danporterdev) for their lead design work on The Butcher’s Circus. Dan is on to new challenges, and we hope you’ll join us in extending heartfelt gratitude for their excellent shepherding of the Circus up to this point.

As always we encourage you to send any reports of issues to: support@redhookgames.com