We All Need Heroes – PSA

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We all need heroes.

The Darkest Dungeon is a game about making the best out of the bad situation and rallying a team against impossible odds. Over the past year we’ve heard countless stories of brave souls who fought for every inch gained and paid for it in blood. It’s time to honor those who have fallen for the cause.

We want to sincerely thank the participating streamers for volunteering their time and sharing their stories.  Check them out on Twitch:  Bitter Bits, Kahlusha, Inexpensive Gamer, and Baertaffy.  Also a shout out to Care Level Zero and iKasperr for recording footage and pitching in.  We had a blast working on this video and are super excited to share with you all!

As we get closer to release,  we want to hear your stories of triumph and failure! Hit us up on Twitter, using the hashtag #weallneedheroes.

On January 19th, ready yourself for the Darkest Dungeon!  Who among your roster of battle-hardened heroes will live tell of the horrors below?