2021 Discord Community Contests Update

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“Tonight, the fools make merry. Tomorrow, they die laughing.” Hello Torchbearers! It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our contests so this will be a long update! Since our last update we have had 3 contests, starting from December. In December we held an emoji contest, in April we held a meme contest and for June we held an …


Darkest Dungeon II: The Runaway

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A reclusive survivor, the Runaway joins our motley crew of vagabonds and outlaws in Darkest Dungeon II.  What sins has she committed that have led her here…and what will she sacrifice on the road to redemption?     Darkest Dungeon II early access release will be here soon, and with it comes this all new hero. A self-reliant nomad with …

Darkest Dungeon II News Articles

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Since Darkest Dungeon II has been announced, several articles and interviews have been released that go into more details about the game. Here they are! February 19, 2019 – PC Gamer First Announcement: “Horror is a fantastic space to explore interesting and unconventional ideas, and we have a lot more story we want to tell.” https://www.pcgamer.com/darkest-dungeon-2-trailer/  October 21, 2020 – …