Localization Plans for Darkest Dungeon

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“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.” H.P. Lovecraft We are super excited to confirm that we will have the following languages implemented into the game for our January 19th launch!

Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Man-at-Arms

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Darkest Dungeon Presents is a comic series that tells the half-remembered horrors of each of the playable character classes in the game. Issue #3 features The Man-at-Arms.

Q & A With The Abomination Class Designer: Josh Lauer

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Back in February 2014, Josh Lauer pledged to our Kickstarter at the Lord Tier, which invited him to design a playable class for the game. He is responsible for The Abomination, a tortured soul who can transform into a hulking beast of eldritch horror. To coincide with the release of Inhuman Bondage, which is where The Abomination debuted on November …

Inhuman Bondage — Patch Notes

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INHUMAN BONDAGE This update adds a unique new playable hero, new monsters, rare trinkets, and a host of new features! NEW HERO CLASS – THE ABOMINATION The Abomination, designed by our Lord Tier Kickstarter backer, Josh L, aka “MaxKojote” is a twisted concept indeed!  A brooding and desperate man, the Abomination has been outcast, branded and imprisoned due to the …

Darkest Dungeon Presents: The Abomination

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The Abomination update, Inhuman Bondage, is coming out on Monday. To celebrate we wanted to release the first in a series of Darkest Dungeon comics. Each comic will give a hint of some half-remembered horror from each of the playable character classes in the game. Since this is coinciding with the launch of the Inhuman Bondage, we figured our latest …

The Abomination

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Branded. beaten, and chained up for years, The Abomination has escaped his confinement and seeks refuge in the Hamlet!  He is a tortured soul – a shapeshifting monstrosity with poison in his veins! Some of you theorized that a shapeshifter might be in the works, and looks like your hunches were correct!  We worked closely with our Lord Tier Kickstarter …

Darkest Dungeon Full Release Date: January 19, 2016

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Greetings everyone! Thank you for being part of the Darkest Dungeon early access experience! This community has grown beyond our expectations, and we’re both grateful and humbled by your support, ideas, critiques, and feedback throughout this past year. From the moment we launched early access back in February, we had two important priorities: regularly deliver exciting, meaty updates to the …

The Cove is Now Live!

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The Cove The Cove dungeon region, featuring 7 new monsters, 2 new bosses, new curios, all new environment art, and new music! The Cove features monsters that are in general both fast and bleed resistant, and also have many bleed-causing attacks. The Cove monsters also include some key mechanics previously unused by monsters, such as healing and guarding! These mechanics …