Front Rank Vestal Build Preview

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Over on the Darkest Dungeon Twitter feed, an image was posted detailing just how a front lines Vestal would look and what kind of skills would be used. The red and yellow pips above the character’s skills dynamically change depending on your skill loadout letting you know where the most effective position for your character will be in the party formation.

All the Past Livestreams You Could Ever Want

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With Twitch now having an expiration date on all streams, Cadogan and I thought it a good idea to download all the past livestreams and reupload them to YouTube for the folks who happened to miss some interesting videos on Darkest Dungeon development. Cadogan has put quite a bit of work into this and it’s close enough to being complete that …

Realm Inventory and Trinkets

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Up on the Darkest Dungeon Twitter feed, we get a glimpse of a truly useless trinket as well as a look at how an inventory system will be displayed. Also looks like there will be a lot of great designs for all the trinkets our heroes will be able to find.

Livestream – Chris Draws Something Awful

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For the last Darkest Dungeon livestream of the year, we get to watch Chris draw a truly awful monster to add into the House of Ruin game trailer in preparation for Early Access as well as the rest of the team answer various questions from the community. There’s also a good chance the art will be available later to download as …

First look (hearing?) at some Swine audio

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On the Darkest Dungeon Twitter, a snippet of audio by Power Up Audio showing off some of the new Swine monsters sounds and voices can be found. Check it out or listen here.

Darkest Dungeon Article on Filmbeef

Cadogan News

The movie, TV-show and videogame website Filmbeef, has written an article about Darkest Dungeon. Here is an excerpt: For me, this “Affliction System” as they call it, is an amazing concept that adds a whole new level of immersion and gameplay. This isn’t The Sims where your character is depressed because he can’t find love or a job. This is …

The Community Has Become Official

seangreen Admin

Looks like you were redirected to the new home for the Darkest Dungeon community! That’s right, we have become official and our new address is now Fancy right?   I’ve spent the last few days transferring all data from the old domain and server host to this new one and I want to say that (almost) everything works. One …