Update on Today’s Update!


Update on Today’s Update!

This afternoon (Friday, September 30) we deployed a patch (v1.04) on PS4 and PS Vita to address a number of crashes. The good news is that the patch appears to be solving approximately 85-95% of crashes! This is based upon automated crash log collection that PSN provides.

However, in our haste to get the patch out, we accidentally included the Musketeer class files for the PS4 , which was a mistake on our part. The Musketeer class is a Kickstarter reward that was granted only to those backers who supported us at the “Adventurer” tier or higher. It is an aesthetic re-skin of the Arbalest class, and does not differ in terms of gameplay from the Arbalest herself.

We offer our sincerest apologies to those of you who are Adventurer-tier backers, and in our next patch (sometime next week), we will be removing Musketeers from the Stagecoach rotation again, as intended.

In the meantime… those on PlayStation can enjoy those Musketeers while you can! They will become extinct again shortly. Though be warned if you transfer your save with a Musketeer to the PSVITA, it will disappear on the on the VITA.

Things on the agenda for our next patch: additional crash fixes, including the Camping/Quest End soft lock, and Hag-related crashes once we diagnose them. We are also hard at work looking at controls improvements, such as for the Embark screen (where it’s easy to accidentally start a quest you didn’t mean to) and for Vita rear-touch accidental inputs.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience, and for helping make Darkest Dungeon a success.

Red Hook Studios

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    Thanks for the fixes 🙂 love th game, and looking forward to any updates or new games from you guys 🙂 have bought this game pc, bfs pc, and ps4. Keep it comimg!



    Will the Musketeer ever be more than just a reskin?? I always though it would be cool to have a new backline dps with a new set of skills.



    Thanks for working hard to address those issues. This is my first time playing Darkest Dungeon and I’m having a blast! I’m glad to hear that you will be addressing the rear-touchpad inputs – my hands always seem to hit them by mistake constantly. Borderlands 2 had an option that reduced the size of the rear-touchpad inputs which helped tons. Thanks again for all your hard work!


    Alien Abdungeon

    I am really disappointed about the removal of Musketeer. I understand the need to keep your promise to those who gave you the opportunity to make this amazing game. But I feel there should be options for console owners to acquire something like this. I mean even with the removal, I would be happy to pay 5 dollars for the skin and any other skins you release. Please consider it, even if you just ask your backers for feedback and let them decide if selling such a thing would be okay with them or making it available for a limited time to purchase; I would be happy.



    As for the rear TouchPad issue, is it possible to remap these to the front touch screen? Like the bottom corners of the screen? I’m not having an issue with accidental hits, but it is a very uncomfortable position while holding the right trigger and trying to change the hero sort order. If it’s possible to make it optional between the two, that would be amazing. I’ve always despised that back touch pad.



    FYI, as for the wizened hag crashes on vita, I made it back to her after the initial crash and saved before entering her room so as to get a few runs at it. After what felt like about 15 attempts due to crashes, I’m fairly confident in saying that this crash is caused when a party member enters death’s door while in the pot. I was able to beat it without a crash by making sure to count HP as it ticked away and get the member out before entering deaths door.


    We have plans to address the back-touch on VITA. So hopefully in a patch soon you will have a better control scheme available.



    This hag crash is really annoying and I confirm it happens when a character enters death door in pot. I hope you’re going to fix this soon in next patch. Thank you for releasing this awesome game on vita. Can’t stop playing xD Best game ever ;D


    While I understand the desire to keep the Musketeer for backers of the kickstarter, I also find it a bit unfair for those that were unaware of the kickstarter until after the deadline, and am now blocked from the Musketeer. I really wish there was a way for non-kickstarter backers who found out about Darkest Dungeon after the kickstarter deadline could gain access to the Musketeer class.

    I know that you are working on an expansion, can you please make the Musketeer class available for those that purchase the expansion? Pretty Please!
    I really want to play as the Musketeer class, and would have gladly funded the kickstarter had I known about this game on time. When I first learned of Darkest Dungeon, the kickstarter deadline had already passed by a few weeks. I feel like I’m being punished for something out of my control.

    Anyway, love the game (a bit brutal though), but I so want to play as musketeer on PS4 & Vita. I’m fine with blocking out Musjeteer on PC, but please make it available for PS4 & Vita owners. Do I havve to get on my knees and beg, cause I will?

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