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    Hey gang, me again with another issue. I’ve been scripting up a storm lately but have hit a bit of a brick wall, specifically in terms of custom monsters. I managed to pinpoint the issue as something to do with animations/FX and have been wondering if others have had this issue and if so how to fix it.

    More specifically, it seems when I have ported animations/FX from heroes (one of my new enemies uses the vestal as a sprite base), this causes the game to crash without any error screens indicating what the issue is when one attempts to load up a dungeon. I figured out it was an animation issue when I removed all hero FX from another enemy that had some tacked on and the game crashed when it could not load those FX for the monster’s .anim file. I know for a fact of course that monsters can utilize hero FX and be based off of heroes, as Marsopa’s fantastic sprite work includes a brigand enemy that is a reskinned bounty hunter (and I was using him as an enemy until he started becoming an issue after I tried porting other hero-related FX over to him).

    So the question remains, how have people managed to get this sort of thing to work in the past and in the present? I’ve looked around the animation files but I just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I rename the image, skel and atlas files to the enemy’s name (and rename inside the .atlas file as well) but in this specific instance it just doesn’t want to work for me, which is a frank bitch.

    Thanks a bunch for any assistance. You guys are awesome, and I’m getting closer and closer to finally being able to finish up and release some damned content to the nexus after over a year of talking about it every now and again.


    It is not possible to mix monster and hero animation files. You might be able to use monster fx as a hero fx. But you CANNOT mix hero and monster anim files.

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    How in the hell did Marsopa manage his Brigand Taskmaster npc then, I wonder? Damn, looks like I’ll have to rethink some concepts of mine until this gets looked at by Red Hook. Shame, that. Oh well.

    Bad news or not, however, thanks a bunch for the info, my dude. I was stuck and quite butthurt about the whole affair.

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