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    Hey Guys, I did a little weekend project of the Leper. I have been sculpting miniatures with Zbrush lately and I wanted to try at sculpting a Darkest Dungeon Character. I love the game and the art style. I feel like it would translate very well to miniatures. He is currently decimated and could be made into a miniature. I would probably need to plug up some little holes behind the knee armor and between the chest and arm. But anyway the goal was to sculpt for the weekend. I would also love to do some more guys, let me know if there is any class you would be dying to see. Also here is a turnaround of him on youtube.

    Leper Turnaround

    Please enjoy! Thanks!

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    hound master
    hound master

    That’s badass, can’t wait to see more.
    Suggestion; the crusader.


    WOW that looks fantastic! You did such a good job translating the 2D stuff to 3D, and it still retains the style and aaaaaaa, it’s so cool.
    I’d love to see more from you, of any class, really. :^D

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    Very well made my man! This is superb!


    Now that is pretty damned impressive. Well done.

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