Topic: The Darkest Dungeon Assault 3 (Spoilers ahead)

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    I would like to open by saying you guys were right. This dungeon was easy. However had I not caved and used the map I may have ended up swearing, throwing things at my computer and/or having Mrs. G yell, “What is wrong up there?”

    Party setup:
    PD (loaded for stuns)-VES (x2 heal trinkets)-HM (DMG+ACC)-HE (DMG + ACC)

    You guys were also right in saying that the battle was similar to mini “Pounder” battles. I never got to be 100% what those spawned (white blood cell) guys actually did because I killed them off each time (nearly) before they got to act much.

    The Darkest Dungeon Assault 3

    As always let me know what and where I screwed up. What spoiler hints can you leave me for my final Dungeon, DD4? The fact the end of DD is sight is a bit bittersweet.


    I think you did great in the dungeon. It is easier than most mostly because you’re supposed to wander around a LOT more than you did. My first time through, I actually accidentally went almost the exact route you did. Well not 100% accidentally, I figured the name was a clue and tried to guesstimate the center of the map and went there.

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