Topic: The Darkest Dungeon Assault 2 (Obvious Spoilers)

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    Well I went into this battle with the following tips:

    1) There will be no curios, traps, barricades or night time ambushes.
    2) Bring the 3 fancy torch trinkets
    3) Bring a MaA to protect the person not carrying one of said torches
    4) Have your healer be the person not bringing a torch so they can double down on healing trinkets
    5) A map of the dungeon
    6) Lastly, that the hardest boss is to bottom right.

    Party Setup:


    Thanks for all the tips as always guys. What are your as spoiler free as possible tips for DD3?

    The Darkest Dungeon Assault 2

    Do let me know what I screwed up on this one. What party setups do you guys like for the Darkest Dungeon Assault 3?

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