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    There aren’t that many ELDRITCH types out there so you might as well ignore the quirks.

    :^) Ignore eldritch, gets tpk from ectoplasm

    XP Got nothing against you or anything~ just something that happened to someone I know



    pure AoE beast ? shitty base weapon damage, you still get outdamaged by hellion’s breakthrough [if not debuffed].

    Check your facts, hwm got only one less base weapon damage than hellion, and hellion breakthrough deals 135% base dmg to three targets, and grapeshot deals 150% base damage to three targets.

    Some math, if you don’t mind:
    135%*10=13.5 min dmg, 135%*16=21.6 max dmg
    150%*9=13.5 minimum damage, 150%*15=22.5 maximum damage

    Please, good sir, tell me which one has higher damage? breakthrough or grapeshot to three targets?



    crusader = wipe at hag.

    You are making me laugh, Crusaders are the strongest class against hag, mind you.



    I’ve found good success with running two vestals and two highwaymen, both highwaymen take grapeshot, point blank shot, pistol shot or duelist step, and i personally prefer open vein to wicked slice. the two highwaymen take ranks 1 and 2, leaving the vestals in ranks 3 and 4, the vestals usually take divine grace, divine comfort, dazzling light, and judgement. i like running without torches to maximize my loot, and increase my odds of criting with point blank shots.

    i also find interest in running a vestal, two highwaymen, and leper. i personally dislike lepers due to the low accuracy, but focus can get him up to par, and if camps are available, always i use reflection on him, and have the vestal bless him. both highwaymen use gun cleaning for massive aoe damage.

    the setup i used for the first game runthrough, was two vestals, highwayman, and crusader, though sometimes i’d dump a vestal and take a bounty hunter.

    so far, i just hate jester. i could care less about his low group destress ability and party buff, though for warrens, his bleed is great for taking out the pig king. I only have found uses for the plague doctor in the warrens and the ruins, since the plague doctor is good for blighting the pig king/bleeding other piggies, or blighting undead/aoe stunning back line undead. I’ve had mix feeling for the gave robber. she seems good, but not optimal for most runs. If i take an occultist, he lives in rank 3 and rarely heals. I don’t like the randomness of it, and the odds of causing an ally to bleed. I personally hate hellions, the over hype is there. they debuff themselves too much for me to find them reliable.


    I’ve had some good success with the following groups.

    1. Crusader
    2. Crusader
    3. Bounty Hunter
    4. Vestal

    A very potent group I’ve used for hag, necromancer, and simple no risk runs where I just run around and grab loot without stress. Both crusaders sport Smite, Zealous Accusation, Stunning Blow and Holy Lance. The two crusaders can easily wipe out a back line particularly when supported by Judgments and Finish Him. The bounty hunter has his mark/collect bounty combo for high hp critters, Finish Him for spot damage where needed and Come Hither for utility. I’ve used in in my fights to force pass on a number of mobs. The twenty or so damage you don’t take because a critter has to pass makes it worht it. I even use it to throw soft mobs up front for stuns, or to set up double kills with zealous accusation. This group is straight up mean.

    1. Highwayman
    2. Highwayman/Graverobber
    3. Bounty Hunter
    4. Occultist

    The front rank acts as a blender for the ront row. I haven’t decided whether or not I prefer a second highway man or the robber. The robber tends to get really high dodge bonuses and the acc buffs means that its damage is consistent if not necessarily high being a character I don’t have to heal very often as a result makes them pretty useful with an occultist healer. The bounty hunter acts as a finisher/puller yanking people into the blender or sniping hard targets in conjunction with the occultist. The occultist acts as a backline softener for the blender, spot heals when necessary, and marks targets for the bounty hunter to crit really really hard. This group hits hard and is fun to use but not nearly as tough as group 1. I have yet to try this group with any bosses yet.

    I’ve been looking to experiment with other gorup compositions. A Hellion, Highwayman, Plague Doctor, Occulstist/Vestal group as a “no one is safe!” group seems an idea for a group for mob killing runs since it should effectively murder all ranks. Another idea is an AoE group with a crusader, highwayman, plague doctor, and occultist. Basically just boost damage through trinkets and clear trash.

    One more group I might try out is a disposable, low level, no provision group for easy cash and prizes. Something like a leper, crusader, and 2 vestals or a vestal and jester. The idea being to last as long as possible before needing to be retired. No provisions, no stress heal and to be dismissed as soon as they become disposable. The leper for self heals and good damage in a form I don’t care about leveling, The crusader for more dps and a bit of healing/light when necessary and the vestals for the same. I’d only take a jester if I had no real choice otherwise.



    My favorite team which I finished the content with.

    1. Hellion (moon cloak, hells hairpin)
    2. Hellion (moon cloak, hells hairpin)
    3. Vestal (tough ring, tough ring)
    4. Jester (moon cloak, moon cloak)

    No torches. Jester sings. Hellions single target. Vestal does the vestal thing. Camp early and self buff hellions, vestal blesses Jester.



    1) open all containers, phobias are nothing, they can be removed at town.
    2) healers are useless, you waste a turn to heal 8 hp, and give the enemy a turns to do 20 dmg, wtf?.
    3) best party is 4 helions, you may add 2 highway man if u wish for variety. rest classes are considered “troll builds” and unviable.
    4) why bring a healer? when you can a) 4 dps hellion and 1shot enemy party / boss in turn 1 b) 4 tank hellion and never have to watch your hp.

    You are fucking dumb troll more pls



    I dunno these threads are kinda useless my main team on my second playthrough is a Jester, Graverobber, Plague Doctor and a Occultist. Apparently the 4 weakest classes in darkest dungeon and i had no problem facerolling to lvl 6 with them.

    So i guess it just comes down to personal preference. The game is easy enough as it is.



    Hi all,
    I just want to share my favorite team builds:

    First: This one is lack of stress heal, but you can rely on luck with crit to heal stress :))

    1 Highwayman (Point Blank Shot, Duelist’s Advance, etc)
    2 Grave Robber (Shadow Fade, Flashing Daggers, Lunge, Poison Dart)
    3 Plague Doctor (Disorienting Blast, Battlefield Medicine, etc)
    4 Vestal (Divine Grace, Divine Comfort, Dazzling Light, Judgement)

    Second: This one is more sustainable with heal and stress heal for serious guys

    1 Highwayman (Point Blank Shot, Duelist’s Advance, etc)
    2 Crusader (Inspiring Cry, Stunning Blow, Smite, etc)
    3 Jester (Inspiring Tune, Battle Ballad, etc)
    4 Occultist (Daemon’s Pull, Wyrd Reconstruction, etc)

    Please correct my builds gently.
    Thanks & Best Regard

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