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    Hi folks!
    It’s my first topic about this gloomy game, and i really love it.

    I am glad to share my experience with you!

    After a lot of new game i am trying efficient way to play this game.

    I build one big team with this compostion.
    Vestal – occultist – bounty hunter – crusader.

    Vestal stay back with this spells: Divine grace, Divine comfort, Dazzling light, Judgement.
    Occultist in third position with this spells: Sacrificial Stab, Wyrd Reconstruction, Daemon’s Pull, Hands from the Abyss.
    Bounty hunter in second position with this spells: Come Hither, Flashbang 1, Finish Him, Collect Bounty.
    Crusader on front with this spells: Smite, Zealous Accusation, Stunning Blow, Inspiring Cry.

    With this team i make big dungeon and never openned library, iron maiden……. i just openned strong box and chest.
    (lesser loot but hero never take phobia….)

    I used another random team for little dungeon and openned every containing.

    I hope this way can help you.




    1) open all containers, phobias are nothing, they can be removed at town.
    2) healers are useless, you waste a turn to heal 8 hp, and give the enemy a turns to do 20 dmg, wtf?.
    3) best party is 4 helions, you may add 2 highway man if u wish for variety. rest classes are considered “troll builds” and unviable.
    4) why bring a healer? when you can a) 4 dps hellion and 1shot enemy party / boss in turn 1 b) 4 tank hellion and never have to watch your hp.



    I have done something very similar to you. Third time restarting. Haven’t been forced to do so, just wanted to experiment with different ways of doing things.

    My hero roster consists entirely of Crusaders, Highwaymen, Occultists and Vestals.

    Standard party composition is: Crusader, Highwayman, Occultist, Vestal.

    I have also used variations consisting of two Crusaders, two Vestals, two Highwaymen.

    Stock provisions up properly, open everything that can be cleansed or has good odds of giving a boon of some sort. When feeling greedy I open anything and everything.

    Haven’t failed any but the first quest yet.

    Always have party members ready to go as their are multiples of every role.

    Seems to work well as the base party is rock solid if a bit slow moving. I like it because it can recover from bad starts that usually come after being Surprised.

    Next up is to try 4 dps comps. Crusader is my favorite so far with Vestal a close second. Occultist is a nice all rounder.

    Early on I experimented with double Grave Robbers with a Hellion and Vestal. Mainly like the aesthetics of my base party, guessing that Bountyhunter is better than Highwayman, but don’t like the look of him.

    Best gold making so far is to do medium length Cleanse quests or to kill the Necromancer when he is up.



    grave robbers ? lol !!!
    have you seen their weapon damage ? even soraka’s do more damage, save yourself from trouble, and remove them, they dont even scale +%damage quirks which signals that it is another troll class. %damage quirks scale with character that have big base damage, only hellion/crusader/leper have it but leper cant hit = soraka and both crusader/leper are immobile = useless at 3rd/4rd slot = useless in ambush = total useless sorakas. So there is one class only hellion, dont pick trolls, and avoid “wasting” your precious time.

    Good luck with your 30 hour wasted to farm grave robbers only to see them die in 1 hit because of their 0 dmg potential, 0 hp pool and 0 camp buff.

    the maths have been done before, hellion is the only class.



    I tried double Graverobber early on. They didn’t seem to be very good at all. Frail with low damage output and no utility, so I switched to a sold build that would eliminate wipes and that could survive initial downturns in engagements. Crusader seems to be the best overall by a wide margin. He gets good accuracy, large health pool, stun, reach to back line, good single target damage and either damage reduction, healing for At Death’s Door or stress management.

    Hellions have low health pools and too many of their abilities have a self-debuff component. Think that the developers need to rethink things with that class. She does seem solid taking only the 4 skills that don’t debuff her, though. Not sure if I would ever want four of them.

    My next comp will experiment with Leper, Bounty Hunter, Occultist and Jester.

    I think that you should try experimenting with different comps and kits before dismissing things in favor of the cheese of the week club.



    crusader = wipe at hag.
    hellions had 30 dodge, crusaders have 20 dodge, hellions are a LOT tankier than crusaders, 10 dodge = -20% damage taken on average + stun resist.
    hellions have double row stun. No one can stun better. debuffs dont matter, everything dies in 1 turn one anyway. even if u want you can self buff instead autoattack to ignore them.

    Leper = weak crusader with less dodge, less accuracy, bye
    Occultist = 0 dmg, 0 cc, 0 reason to exist. heal is unreliable and inexistent endgame. crap base weapon damage.
    Juster = weak dmg dealer, position reliant, crap hp, crap base weapon damage.

    i have tested all character builds at lv6, and these weakness persist, regardless of how you think you can “ignore them”, hellion is designed to be inflated in all areas, he is the 99/99/99 build like majin is in disgaia. rest are trolls.


    Thank you for this answer.

    But i don’t agree with you.

    1) 1 Phobias take 1 day for being removed and cost money… when you have 5 phobias on one hero its too hard.
    2) It s early access so some things will be corrected, i think having more than 1 type of hero in same team is too easy.
    I don’t want to play 4 helions like every one, 4 helions will obviously be removed.
    I am not looking for easy wins i am just seeking for some strategy.



    So how do you specc your hellions?

    breakthrough | iron swan | if it bleeds | adrenaline rush ?



    breakthrough + if it bleeds is mandotary.

    andrenaline = good for more dps if debuffed.
    barbaric yawp = stun 2 enemies.

    iron swan = only vs hag for fast 1shot



    My favorite so far is 2 Crusaders, Highwayman, Vestal. I haven’t needed to spend money reducing stress since I got access to skills. Yes, even after the patch. You can still prolong fights, just not indefinitely. You know how right? I wont spoil it.

    I beat the first 3 bosses easily with the exception of the Hag which got one of my party down to around 25% health.


    Scott skillgrim

    So far, my most effective team has been front rank Highwayman, Second Rank Hellion, Third Rank Graverobber, Fourth Rank Vestal. The utility and maneuverability of the team means they’re never out of position, and they all crit like hell so I finish most dungeons with 15 stress or less per hero. Not to mention dodge ratings so high even bosses can’t hit me.



    You can dink with many builds. But atm there are definitely alpha classes.

    I hate the leper and see no point in him. His accuracy is straight garbage and misses constantly. He has nothing that a hellion or crusader don’t already do better. People whine because of the hellion nerf, but they obviously havnt seen what if it Bleeds and Swan can do.

    Same goes for the grave robber. He is sub par to the highwayman by far. Toss in the Clean Guns camping ability and you have a pure AoE beast. Even the Jesters buff alone is better than bringing a GR.



    pure AoE beast ? shitty base weapon damage, you still get outdamaged by hellion’s breakthrough [if not debuffed].


    I make 3 teams for 3 dungeon.

    1. Get the unit with right “dungeon” quirks will help a lot.

    For example if you are going to the ruin just pick units with
    Ruins Explorer: +20% Scouting Chance in dungeon: Ruins
    Ruins Adventurer: +20% Stress Resist in dungeon: Ruins
    Ruins Tactician: +15% Damage in dungeon: Ruins

    2. Boss and Enemy types

    Humanoid are the most common.
    Ruin got load of Unholy type (They are immune to bleed).
    Warrens got those nasty swine (Beast) but many of them are humanoid too.
    There aren’t that many ELDRITCH types out there so you might as well ignore the quirks.

    Go to the Ruin? Get a Crusader cause both the boss and the enemies are mostly undead.
    Go to Warrens? Since the boss take 2 slots, 1 of Hellion camp buff may come inhandy.
    I’m not quite sure which class are suitable for Weald but I do know that those nasty critters/dogs has so much speed and dodge rates. Maybe Grave Robbers, Highwaymen and Jesters can help out with this one…and Bringing a Leper here is out of the question(in my case).

    3. Run out of money and cannot afford the supply for the next run? Just make a suicide squad. Sent them out on a run, grab some loots, and kick them out right after. Profit+

    The Red King
    The Red King

    I’m on my second playthrough as I’ve finished all the caretakers goals on my first playthrough

    I’ve had great success with the following group

    Vestal – Divine grace, Divine comfort, Dazzling lights, Judgement
    Jester – Battle ballad, Dirk stab, Slice off, Harvest
    Grave robber – Pick to the face, Toxic trickery, Thrown dagger, Shadow fade
    Highwayman – Wicked slice, point blank shot, Duelists advance, Open Vein

    Although they didn’t do very much damage at the beginning now that they are all level 4 they seem to be doing quite a lot of damage and since I’ve got them all decked out with speed, dodge, and critical increasing trinkets stress isn’t really a problem. Hell I’ve been through medium dungeons taking very minimal amounts of damage since everybody have a dodge of 40 or higher.

    "Packs laden with loot are often low on supplies.."

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