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    1: HoTs
    2: More types of DoTs
    3: Shields that absorb damage
    3: More weapons and armor
    4: PvP matches
    5: More party composition restrictions like the abomination, maybe a hero class that can´t go with non-religious.
    6: Another size or dungeon, extra large runs(like 50 rooms)
    7: More consumables
    8: More CCs
    9: Skills with CD
    10: Lost adventures, random encounters with heros(vestal, leper, etc)
    11: A game mode where you can fight bosses all the times you want(direcly, without runing a whole dungueon)
    12: New types of attacks(ranged, mele)
    13: More than 4 oficial skins colors, c´mon its not that hard to recolor an exixting class.
    14: A lifedrain efect that works on heros.
    15: 2 types of cure skills, one for bleed and one for blight, try to heal a wounded person with an antivenon, or try to cure a blight with a bandage, doesn´t make any sense



    10: Lost adventures, random encounters with heros(vestal, leper, etc)

    You have given me an idea with this.

    What about dungeons that only require 2 or 3 heroes kind of like how the introduction to the game is with Dismas and Reinhold, but a little longer.
    You could stumble upon the a stray adventurer and help them through back to the Hamlet.

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