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    When looking at the offensive skills in the character screen, we can see which enemy positions are targeted by looking at the position of the red dots. It also shows if the ability targets a single enemy or multiple enemies (the connecting line between the red dots).

    But the same is not true for the party-oriented skills. There are no dots shown for the targets, so we don’t know if a heal/buff affects the whole party or a single party member, which is pretty important when choosing skills and building a character.
    For example the jester has the Battle Balad which seems to buff the whole party, while the Inspiring Tune reduces stress on a single member, which I cannot tell by looking at the skill description.

    I wonder if this is by design, or just an oversight.
    p.s. The camping skill descriptions, on the other hand, explicitly say “One companion” or “All companions”. so that could’ve been done for the combat skills as well. Or just do it with dots, like the DD Wiki does it.



    I second. It is annoying and upsetting. I can think of the Battlefield Heal/Bandage too. I thought it was a bug before looking at the wiki.

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