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    The one and only suggestion I have to massively improve Darkest Dungeon is to remove reliance on the wiki from the game as much as possible.

    First step would be informative curio popups. All curio results that you’ve encountered so far would be summarized whenever you click on a curio. That way experimentation would be rewarded with information, and the game could be played as intended. As it is, after revisiting the game you don’t remember what you “know”, so you just visit the wiki. Spoiled content is less fun.

    Next step would be to randomise the Darkest Dungeon layouts and/or encounters. If you are foolish enough to spoil the DD it is absolutely no challenge and a real let-down. Sure, you might be sensible enough to avoid the spoilers, but once you take the first step with the curio lookups it’s difficult to wean yourself off.

    Something I’m not entirely sure about would be to seed a random set of results for things like curio encounters for each DD campaign. You would have to find out what everything does for yourself, and wouldn’t be able to rely on wiki info. I mean, I think this would be amazing, and a much-needed step in the roguelike direction, but it is hard to see how it could be handled effectively. It seems like you couldn’t go full roguelike, because effects are tied to appearances, but for example you could at least prevent people from being able to rely on an unchanging set of spoiled percentages. Boss seeds… could that work? It seems like that would at last be a justification for fighting the same one three times.

    Anyway, props to all those people who jump in to say they did it all without the wiki. Well done, bully for you. These suggestions are for everybody else.

    Thanks for the game. I enjoyed my time with it, I wish I had avoided spoilers (though I don’t see how I could have, without creating paper memos for all the curios!), and I think the Radiant mode is a step in the right direction. The game doesn’t need the grind.



    Thanks for taking the time to post your suggestion and thoughts!

    The curio bookkeeping is definitely something we’ve talked about internally and hope to address in the future.

    Happy adventuring!

    Tyler Sigman (@tylersigman)
    Co-Founder and Game Designer
    Red Hook Studios

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